Lecturer Resources

The Faculty Center is your on-campus resource for professional needs. Our services, resources, and events are available to all university instructors, including full- and part-time faculty and graduate teaching assistants.

  • Visit the New Faculty Start-Up Guide to get set up at the Beach (parking, ID cards, email and web access & much more) and for policy information.
  • Your home department handles hiring and specific processes like arranging office space, office hours, keys, etc, that are necessary for your work. Contact your Department Chair or Program Coordinator for those resources.

  • Provides Workshops & Programs designed to organize and support events and workshops on teaching, technology, evaluation and research. All events through the Faculty Center are free to participants.
  • Provides individual consultations with lecturers that are confidential and informative.
  • Assists lecturers in developing course materials and professional portfolios.

The Lecturer Evaluation Process link includes an instructional memo, required forms and resources to help you build a comprehensive evaluation file. Deadlines for evaluation are determined by the college. Please consult your department chair for more information.

All CSULB faculty are required to provide evidence of teaching effectiveness. Demonstrating teaching effectiveness should include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Teaching material that complies with university policies and department-specified requirements such as the standard course outline (SCO)
  • Class assignments and activities that align with intended student learning outcomes and reflect high impact practices for the course level and content
  • Assessment of student learning linked to required course learning outcomes, signature assignments, and/or culminating experiences
  • Student evaluations/perceptions of teaching through the SPOT Form
  • Narrative explanations of the development of course designs/redesigns, assignments, & assessments