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Using Academics - Academic History

The Academics section of your Student Center gives you quick access to your academic advising information. Choose from the pull-down menu to view Advisor Notes, your Course History, Test Score Summary, and Transfer Credit Report.


Advisor Notes

Advisor Notes allow advisors to create permanent notes related to advising appointments. The notes are used primarily to communicate information to the student and other advisors who are working with the student. Students have access to this information via the Student Center, an email communication or through the FERPA disclosure process. Note: Advisors may also elect to have the note sent to your preferred email address.

Click Advisor Notes from the pull-down menu. If your advisor has entered a note, you will be able to view it. 

academics page with advisor notes highlighted in the pull down menu

When you have finished reading the note, click the Cancel button to return to the Student Center.

picture of advising notes with entered data

If you select Advisor Notes from the pull-down menu, and there are no notes, you will see this message:

Screenshot of no advisor notes at present message

Course History

The new Course History page displays all course credit by CSULB enrollment or by transfer in a grid. Icons are used to indicate the course Status. The grid also allows display and sort options. You may convert the grid to a spreadsheet by clicking the spreadsheet icon. Click Course History to view all course credits, enrolled or by transfer.

Screenshotof academics with course history highlighted in the pull down men

picture of my course history page

Enrollment Verification

You can access official enrollment verification certificates online by logging into CSULB’s Single Sign-On (SSO) and clicking on the Verify button.  This will open up the Student Self-Service Site for the National Student Clearinghouse.  You can download and print your enrollment verification certificates, as well as view enrollment data that has been reported to other 3rd party requests.

SSO dashboard

There are several options available to students in the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC). Simply click the link based upon your needs. 

Student Self-Service site in National Student Clearinghouse

Obtaining an Enrollment Certificate

To print and mail to a health insurance or other company that requests proof of my enrollment. You have the option of only including enrollment in the current term or displaying all terms of enrollment.

  • Current Enrollment 

     Enrollment Verification Certificate with current enrollment
  • All Enrollment 

    Enrollment Verification Certificate displaying all terms of enrollment


View the enrollment information on file with the Clearinghouse.

You can view the enrollment information that was sent from CSULB to NSC.

NSC list of data provided by CSULB

View the student loan deferment notifications that the Clearinghouse has provided to my loan holders (lenders and guarantors).

You can check the electronic notifications that have been sent on your behalf to student lenders.

enrollment data provided to loan holders

View the proof(s) of enrollment that the Clearinghouse has provided to my health insurers and other student services or products.

You can view enrollment verifications requested by student service providers and healthcare insurers.

Enrollment data provided to other student service providers

View specific information about my student loans

Note: Currently, CSULB does not send student loan information to NSC’s LoanLocator service. You will receive the following message

List of organizations that have reported student loan information

Official Transcript


You can request an Official Transcript from the Academics section in your Student Center. 


Step 1:    There are two ways to Request an Official Transcript in the Student Center:

  1. Click on the “My Academics” link on your Student Center, which will take you to the “My Academics” tab.  Then, click on the “Request official transcript” link.
  2. Select “Transcript: Official” from the drop down menu and click on the Go (>>) button next to the field.

Either one of these options will take you to the Request Official Transcript page.

After reading the instructions, click the "Next" button to proceed.


Step 2:    A new tab will appear for Credential Solutions.  

California State University, Long Beach has appointed Credentials Solutions as the designated agent for processing and sending official transcripts through an encrypted and secure service on behalf of California State University, Long Beach. This system can accept an order for up to 5 transcripts going to up to 5 different recipients. If you need to send more than 5 transcripts or have more than 5 recipients, you will need to enter multiple orders.

Click on the "Begin Order" button.


At the completion of each order, you will have the option to return to the beginning of the process and enter another order. In most cases, you will only have to enter the information that is different than in the previous order.

Test Score Summary

The Test Score Summary lists all student academic exams; including the test ID and description, score, test date, data source, and the date the data was applied to student academic records. The summary can be sorted, as well as saved to a spreadsheet by clicking the spreadsheet icon. Click Test Score Summary to view test and exam score details.

picture of academics with test score summary highlighted in the pull down
picture of the academic test summary page

Academic Test Summary interpretation:

  • Test ID – the type of test reported
  • Description – the component of the reported test
  • Score – the individual’s score for the test or component of the test
  • Test Date – the date the test was taken
  • Data Source – the source that provided CSULB the test results
  • Note: “SLF” stands for “self-reported” and indicates the results were reported by the student and, therefore, are unofficial until an official testing source validates the test results
  • Date Loaded – the date the test scores were entered on the system

Transfer Credit Report

The Transfer Credit Report summarizes academic credit that is based on (1) course work from other institutions, (2) standardized tests (e.g. Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate), and (3) other sources, such as military credit.  Click Transfer Credit Report to view the external credit summary and transfer detail. 

picture of the academics with transfer credit report highlighted in the pull down menu

Information included on the Transfer Credit Report:

  • A Summary of External Units – summarizes all sources of transfer credit. Detailed information of identified transfer credit follows each external source.
  • The Evaluation Status – transfer work is indicated as “Unofficial” until standard articulation rules are applied or adjusted. The Evaluation Status will change to “Official” following Enrollment Services staff review.
  • CSULB Transfer Credit Information – explains the Transfer Credit Evaluation Status.

picture of the summary of external credits in the transfer credit report

Information included on the Transfer Course Detail:

  • Transfer Institution, Term Taken, Transfer Course Title, Units, and Grade – the course information taken from the external institution’s official transcript.
  • Term Posted – the term the transfer credit was applied to the student’s academic record. This is normally the next CSULB term of enrollment following the completion of the transfer course. Transfer credit will affect unit and GPA totals beginning with this term.
  • CSULB Course, CSULB Course Title, Units, and Grade – the CSULB equivalent course and credit accepted.
  • Click the "Sort by Internal" button to alphabetize the CSULB Course column. Restore the data by clicking "Sort by External" button.

picture of the details of external units in the transfer credit report

picture of the test and other credit sections in the transfer credit report

Unofficial Transcripts 

You can view your posted transfer credit, course credit by term, academic standing by term, term statistics, and cumulative statistics in your Student Center by selecting “Transcript: Unofficial” in the Other Academic pull down menu.

Step 1:
Select “Transcript: Unofficial” from the drop down menu. Click the advance arrow.

Student Center with Transcript Unofficial in the Other Academic pull down menu

Step 2:
In the Unofficial Transcript page, verify "CSU Long Beach" is in the Academic Institution field.

Step 3:
Select "Unofficial Transcript" for the Report Type field.

Student Center View Unofficial Transcript window

Step 4:
Click the "View Report" button. This action will open your Unofficial Transcript as a PDF document.

View a Previously Requested Report

You may wish to view an Unofficial Transcript you previously requested. To do so, follow Steps 1 through 2. Then, click the “VIEW ALL REQUESTED REPORTS” button.  All previous unofficial transcript requests will display. Select the report you would like to view by clicking the “View Report” button.

Incomplete Contract

If you are unable to complete all of the assigned work for a class (normally completed a minimum of 66% of the requirements) and there is still a possibility for earning credit, you may be allowed to take an "I" (Incomplete) to extend the time to finish the assignments and receive an official grade. To receive an Incomplete, you must:

  • Have "unforeseen but fully justified" reasons for not completing the class work (Policy Statement 12-03).
  • Bring all relevant information to the class instructor and agree with the instructor's terms for how and when you will satisfy the remaining class requirements.

The Instructor will create an incomplete Contract online, which will include the terms and conditions for assigning the "I" Incomplete grade.

Accepting the Incomplete Contract

You can access any Incomplete Contract(s) assigned to you from the Academics section in your Student Center.

Step 1:
Select “Grades” from the drop down menu and click on the Go (>>) button next to the field.

Screenshot of student center with grades option highlighted in the Other Academics drop down menu

Step 2:
Your Class Grades will display. If you do not see the correct term displaying, click the "change term" button to select the term in which you have an Incomplete.

Screenshot of the View My Grades page in the Student Center

Step 3:
Click on the "Review Contract" link.  If you do not see the correct term displaying, click the "change term" button to select the term in which you have an Incomplete.

 Screen shot of the Assignment of Incomplete Contract page in the Student Center

Step 4:
Review the Incomplete Contract Data entered by your instructor. If you agree to the terms of the contract, click on the check box to indicate that you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the Incomplete Contract.

Step 5:
A confirmation messgae will appear

 Screen shot of the Assignment of Incomplete Contract page in the Student Center

Step 6:
Click Yes to accept. The page will display your acceptance date. 

 Screen shot of the Assignment of Incomplete Contract page in the Student Center with Acceptance Date

You must complete the work* within one year of the end of the semester in which the class was taken or within a shorter period as specified on the Incomplete Contract.  Once you complete the work specified in the contract, you instructor will update the Completed check box and indicate the Date Completed.  *If no additional work is submitted, you will receive the grade indicated by the instructor. If the instructor did not indicate a grade on the incomplete contract, a grade of "F" will be assigned.

Note: You will not be allowed to re-enroll in a class for which you have an unresolved ‘Incomplete’ grade.