Summer Sessions for CSULB Students

This section of the website is for current or newly admitted CSULB students who are seeking information on summer courses at CSULB.

If you are not a CSULB student, please visit the College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPaCE) summer session website for information. 

Summer classes at CSULB are offered during multiple sessions. Some classes are scheduled for the entire summer and others are scheduled during six-week sessions at the beginning or end of the summer. Summer classes are administered through the College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPaCE). Units earned during summer sessions appear on CSULB transcripts.

Since summer classes are administered through CPaCE and are not state-supported, classes offered in the summer have a different fee structure than fall and spring semesters. See Summer Tuition and Fees for more information. Ed.D. students and MBA students (Special State-Supported Graduate Programs) have a different fee structure.

Summer 2022 Session Dates

The session codes below are used in the Schedule of Classes to identify the dates for each class.

Session Codes Dates
Full Summer Session SSD, 1 May 23–Aug. 12, 2022
Session I S1S, 6W1 May 23–July 1, 2022
Session III S3S, 6W3 July 5–Aug. 12, 2022

See Summer Session Dates and Deadlines for a complete list of important deadlines for summer sessions.

Registration Information

The maximum number of units a student may enroll in during the summer is one unit per week, plus one additional unit. Therefore, the maximum number of units is normally seven for one six-week session, 10 for two overlapping sessions, and 13 for an entire summer.

Once enrolled, you may make changes to your schedule as needed until the last day of self-service registration (refer to Summer Session Dates and Deadlines). After self-service registration ends, registration and adjustments are by approval only. 

Before the session begins, be sure to check your class schedule to make sure you're enrolled in the correct classes.