Fall 2020 Major-Specific Degree Requirements for CSULB Students - COB

CSULB students must meet precise major-specific degree criteria in order to ‘declare a major.’ While first-year students are admitted directly into some majors, many majors require that students begin as pre-majors and then declare the major if and when they complete the major-specific degree criteria. All students must have a declared major by the time they reach 60 earned units.

This applies equally to students who are:

  • Undeclared
  • Were admitted into a ‘pre-major’ and are requesting to declare the major
  • Requesting to change major
  • Requesting to add a major

Except for “Highly Impacted” majors, native CSULB students can ‘declare a major’ if they meet the major-specific minimum cumulative GPA and required lower division preparation. There are limitations on the ability to add a second major or to add/change degree objectives based on the following policies:

To review the detailed major-specific degree requirements select the major below. If a major is highly impacted it will be noted next to the name of the major and additional supplemental criteria and requirements are indicated in the major-specific details. They are subject to change for future terms.


To be considered for admission to the major, applicants must demonstrate the following:

  • Minimum GPA: 2.5
  • Minimum lower division preparation (Grade C or better required)
Business (All Majors and Options)

Major Preparation Courses must be completed with a minimum GPA of 2.5

Course Number

Course Title



Principles of Economics



Principles of Economics



Calculus for Business or higher (equivalent to MATH 122 - Calculus I or Math 119A Survey of Calculus  I)



Elementary Financial Accounting



Managerial Accounting

Required General Education courses not covered by major preparation courses:

  • Written Communication
  • Oral Communication
  • Critical Thinking

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