Masters Pro Dance Workshop

Masters Pro Dance Workshop, our 10th Year!
a no-frills hybrid dance workshop for dancers over 30 years old (or close to 30!)
October 1-2, 2022

Welcome to the 10th Annual Masters Pro Dance Workshop hosted by the world-famous Department of Dance at California State University, Long Beach, and your “Head Instructor” Andy Vaca.  It has been a decade of in-person dancing at MPDW, and we are excited to welcome you back to our home at the CSULB Dance Center!

September 14 update on COVID-19 protocol:  On the CSULB campus, masks are now “highly recommended” as opposed to “required.”  This policy is currently how we will proceed during Masters Pro Dance Workshop.  As we shift to a disease-management model reliant on personal responsibility, the precaution of electing to continue wearing a facial covering — or needing to due to a health condition — should be respected. 

MPDW is a two-day “dance camp” workshop structured like the dance camps that many dancers attended in their youth.  MPDW material includes routines in pro dance team-style, hip hop, jazz, contemporary, and includes a Camp Dance and drill down.  The best part is that you get to decide how far you want to push yourself!  Don’t want to do floorwork?  Me, neither!  Afraid you’ll pull a hamstring muscle?  Then keep that leg low!  Just smile, try your best, and have a great time.  We have a strict “no judgment” policy at MPDW!

THE CHANCE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE—MPDW is the largest scholarship fundraiser in the history of CSULB Dance.  Each year, the money we raise goes directly to much-needed scholarships for dance majors, allowing a new generation of dance artists to finish their college degrees with less debt easing their entry into this tough profession that we love.  Help us out by supporting MPDW through your registration or by giving a donation through the registration tab (below).

Not Yet 30 Years Old?  Though we are never super strict about the “over 30 years old” rule, we do ask that you come in the spirit of dancing with a community of dancers who largely do not dance on a daily basis and will be here for kicks (low ones) and giggles!

Click on the REGISTRATION tab below for the link to MPDW registration, and then click on the PAYMENT/DONATION tab, click the Cashnet link, and choose “Registration” on the Cashnet page. 

Only want to donate?  Then just click on the PAYMENT/DONATION tab, click the Cashnet link, then choose “To Donate” on the Cashnet page.

2020’s Virtual MPDW raised over $7000 for Dance Scholarships—can we match or beat that level??  Yes, we can!!  Please help us out by spreading the word and inviting your friends and fellow dancers to register and/or donate.

We can’t wait to welcome you back to CSULB Dance.  See you on October 1!

Andy Vaca, Head Instructor and MPDW Director
Professor, Department of Dance
California State University, Long Beach

All participants will have the opportunity to learn two dances and a “camp dance” from our all-star staff from the commercial, concert, and pro dance team world.  There will be routines in different levels and different styles, with an emphasis on engaging choreography as opposed to technical “tricks.”  All routines will be 50-60 seconds long, and often feature special “Flashback Material” utilizing steps and moves from the past!  For those of you who are still dancing and teaching, you will take away some great material to share with your students, and experience teaching techniques and energy that will certainly add to your personal teaching methodologies.  And, of course, there is Drill Down, which is now taught in two levels, and the always-popular “Camp Dance”.

You will also get an opportunity to learn in one of the largest dance departments in higher education in the United States:  the CSULB Dance.  Each studio has ceiling fans, natural lighting (good for “mature” faces), raised floors (good for creaking bones), and lots of space.  No dancing in parking lots or tennis courts for these bodies!  MPDW will allow you to experience dancing in one of the most beautiful training grounds in the United States.

Saturday, Oct. 1

8:00     Registration
9:00     Intros/Warm-up/Drill Down
10:00   Routine A
11:30   Camp Dance
12:00   Lunch
1:30     Routine B
3:00     Camp Dance
3:30     Routine Review/Drill Down
4:00     Photos and networking

Sunday, Oct. 2

9:00     Warm-up
9:45     Camp Dance/Drill Down
10:00   Routine Review
10:45   Drill Down Finals
11:15   Performance by CSULB Dancers
11:30   Routine Showcase
12:45   Awards/Photos

Your staff include luminaries of the pro dance team and concert dance worlds!  Though the staff is subject to change, look forward to working with professionals such as:

  • Diane Bonds—former USA Program Director and choreographer for the world-famous Los Angeles Laker Girls, and a double alum of CSULB Dance (undergrad and grad)
  • Sabrina Bryan—a member of the multi-platinum recording act The Cheetah Girls, and fan favorite dancer on seasons 5 and 15 of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars
  • Nate Hodges—Artistic Director of RhetOracle Dance Company and an Assistant Teaching Professor of Dance at the University of Nevada, Reno where he teaches jazz and musical theater courses, an MFA grad of CSULB Dance
  • Rochelle Mapes—the Director of Movement Arts at Mater Dei High School, a long-time instructor for USA Camps, an award-winning choreographer, and a double alum of CSULB Dance (undergrad and grad)
  • Mina Ortega—Director of the USC Trojan Dance Force and Co-Artistic Director of Pro Action Dance
  • Cindy Smith—former USA Program Director and award-winning dance team coach/choreographer
  • Andy Vaca—choreographer with over 35 years of dance team experience, instructor for Pro Action Dance, and the former President of the American College Dance Association

Registration for MPDW must be done ahead of the event and will close at noon on Sept. 30 or when the event reaches capacity (100 in-person dancers).  After registering, do not forget to pay and/or donate to our Scholarship Fund (the PAYMENT/DONATION tab).


The Cashnet site for payment is currently under construction.  After registering, you will be notified of when you can submit payment for the event.  If you wish to pay by check or cash, please contact Andy Vaca at

ONCE CASHNET SITE WILL OPEN NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 12 (someone’s on vacation):  Please click the link below in order to submit payment for MPDW, $125 payment (two days) or $75 (Day 1 only).  You can also donate directly to the CSULB Department of Dance Scholarship fund via this link.  If you are unable to donate at either of these levels at this time but would still like to participate, please donate what you can and contact Andy Vaca at  We greatly appreciate any amount that you are able to give!

Pay Via this Cashnet Link

Hotel CURRENT / Long Beach
Hotel Address: 5325 East. Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90804
Telephone: 562-597-1341 Fax: 562-597-5171
Group Name: CSULB Dance Masters Pro Dance Workshop
Dates available: Sept. 30 and October 1, 2022
Discounted Rates: We have a block of rooms at a discounted rate of $129.00 plus tax per night.
To reserve the rooms: Call the hotel directly at 562.597.1341 (front desk) or toll-free at 800.990.9991.  If you have any issues, you can directly contact Sari Juan at

Golden Sails Hotel

Hotel Address: 6285 E. Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, 90803

The Golden Sails Hotel is a low-cost option that is close to campus.  It is not fancy, but it is close to a grocery store, many restaurants, and the closest hotel to the Marina and Belmont Shore areas.


When I checked, they had $119 rooms for the weekend of MPDW.

Airport Holiday Inn
Hotel Address:  2640 N. Lakewood Blvd., Long Beach, 90815

Below is a Booking Link with a discounted CSULB rate of $182.00 + tax. The rate is subject to availability and at times may not be available. Currently, the discounted rate is available for the dates you need. The individuals are more than welcome to book the CSULB rate individually by clicking on the link below and choosing “CAL STATE UNIV LONG BEACH” under Rate Preference.  Note:  the AAA rate was cheaper!
Booking Link - Airport Holiday Inn

Please note - Individuals may also make reservations directly by calling Holiday Inn Reservation office at 1-888-HOLIDAY or by calling the hotel directly at 562.597.4401.

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