Two CSULB Students KCET Fine Cut Finalists

CSULB Animation and Documentary Films Selected as Finalists for KCET Student Film Competition Fine Cut

Two of our students in the College of the Arts, one from the Film & Electronic Arts Department Creative Non-Fiction Program and one from the School of Art Animation Program are finalists in the 24th annual KCET Fine Cut Festival of Films: Nido de mi Vida (Nest of My Life) by Ivy Gonzalez and My Mothers' Daughter by Samantha E. Iniguez. This showcase and celebration of Southern California’s young filmmakers features a series of six, one-hour blocks on KCET that broadcast collections of short films from the student filmmakers this fall.

KCET CSULB Film finalists
Left: (from left to right) Soyeon Kim, CSULB Animation Program head, and Ivy Gonzalez (Nido de mi Vida)
Center: (from left to right) CSUN Assistant Professor Judith Korin, Helen Hood Scheer, program head for CSULB's Creative Non-Fiction Track, CSULB Animation Program's Soyeon Kim
Right: CSULB Creative Nonfiction filmmakers Nicole Acuna, program head Helen Hood Scheer, Samantha Iniguez

My Mother’s Daughter, by Samantha Iniguez, is a documentary that observes as a daughter confronts unspoken love between generations of women in her family and unmasks the magic and resilience of motherhood.

Animation Still from KCET Awards
Animation Still

Nido de mi Vida (Nest of My Life), by Ivy Gonzalez, is an animated short that affords its audiences a glimpse into the Sunday morning routine of a single mother and her son in their humble but complete home.

This year’s finalists were narrowed down from over 350 short films submissions from more than 40 SoCal schools, including CSULB, the University of Southern California, Chapman University, Loyola Marymount University, the American Film Institute and the California Institute of the Arts. 

Nido de mi Vida (Nest of My Life) screens during the Friday, October 6 episode of Fine Cut on KCET and My Mother’s Daughter screens as part of the Friday, October 13 episode. 

More information can be found in a recent Variety article on the competition announcement.