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Introducing Christina Hall College of the Arts Development Director

Published May 5, 2020

College of the Arts Director of Development Christina Hall 


During this time of quarantine and physical isolation, we will occasionally share spotlights on staff, faculty, students, alumni, and donors who are part of our College of the Arts community. Christina Hall joined the College of the Arts community in January 2020, and within two months of starting this new job and getting to know our students, faculty, university and college leadership, and our donors and support system, we were all suddenly working from home. The performances, exhibitions, meetings, and gatherings that were helping her get to know our programs and our people were suddenly canceled, and sharing the story of our College and why financial support for our programs makes sense for donors, alumni, corporate giving officers and foundations was now so much harder. So – while we wait for those days when we can gather once again in the same physical location – here’s a 90-second spotlight on Christina Hall. 


She’s anxious to get to know the members of our community – feel free to reach out and give her a call at (562) 985-7835. It’s her voice mail and she’ll get back to you very soon. Or you can email her at 


In the meantime – if you’re running out of puzzles and fun ways to keep your brain active – here’s a College of the Arts themed word search to pass the time and test your spelling!