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CSULB Media Arts Winners

Published May 5, 2020

CSU Media Arts Festival – Recent CSULB Winners and Their Films 


Each year, California State University holds a system-wide Media Arts competition, open to any and all media arts students attending one of the 23 CSU campuses. We are so very proud of the repeat and near constant successes of our CSULB students at these festivals. Below are links and brief descriptions of some of our recent winners.  


Don’t Love You Any Less (Directed by Sarrah Wolfe) 

CSU Media Arts Award - 1st Place Best Doc (2019) 

Logline: Three years after her mother's death, a young filmmaker confronts the truth about her mother's life as a cancer survivor and opioid addict. 


Justice Delayed (Directed by Janine Uyanga) 

CSU Media Arts Award - 1st Place Narrative (2019) 

Logline: When his 12 year old brother is shot by a white police officer, a young black man decides to take matters into his own hands, but finds himself torn between vengeance and justice. 


For Vivian (Directed by Samatha Hernandez) 

CSU Media Arts Award - 1st Place Best Doc, overall Jury Award, and overall Audience Award (2018) 

Logline: An intimate portrait of a woman with intellectual disabilities and the child she helped to raise. 


Mottainai(Directed by Charles Watson) 

CSU Media Arts Award - 1st Place Best Doc (2017) 

Logline: Jeff "Yoki" Yokoyama, a clothing designer from Newport Beach, California who specializes in one-of-a kind, re-purposed garments, shares his thoughts on creativity, environmentalism, and personal identity. 


The Sound of Love (Directed by Sean Geisterfer) 

CSU Media Arts Awards - Best in Show, Audience Choice, and 1st Place Narrative (2017) 

Longline: A young couple experiences beauty and tragedy as they record a song for their unborn child and prepare for the miracle of new life. 


Bobby by Hannah (Directed by Daniel Alvarado) 

CSU Media Arts Awards - First Place Music Video (2017) 

Hannah's music video for their song "Bobby" at an '80s-style prom.