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Labs To Go

Published September 24, 2020

Since COVID-19 and social distancing orders have swept the world, faculty and staff members haven't been able to have access to their teaching spaces and have been forced to adapt their methods at breakneck speed.

While teaching classes via alternate modes of instruction, a unique challenge at CNSM has been innovating the way we deliver our lab classes.

Research labs have their own new guidelines to follow, but lots of lab classes have sent home specialized lab kits for the semester.

Faculty members and instructional support techs have assembled, often in their own homes, hundreds of lab kits in preparation for the distance learning requirements. These kits include everything a student needs to successfully complete a project and were handed out with the help of the bookstore at the start of the semester.

shark lab kits

Physics lab kits

Biology Lab kit

With these kits, students get the unique opportunity to conduct lab procedures with faculty guidance in their own homes or study spaces.

Fall 2020 has thrown us all for a loop, but we can be confident that the quality of education our students are receiving has not diminished. These kits are testament of our faculty's commitment to subject matter and student success.

CNSM continues to adapt and innovate for the betterment of our students, no matter the situation.