Corpse Flower Blooms on CSULB Campus

Published June 2, 2019

LONG BEACH, CALIF. – Phil the corpse flower, a rare plant species known as Titan Arum, has bloomed after more than 10 years of care and growth in CSULB's greenhouse. The bloom has been a highly anticipated event for the last two weeks.

"All of the plants I care for are like my children, so I'm so proud the spectacular show that Phil is putting on," says Brian Thorson, Botany Curator and Technician for the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (CNSM).

Corpse flowers take an average of 10 years to bloom, and the bloom typically only lasts for one day. They are famous for the impressive stench they emit while blooming, which has been likened to rotting meat.

"The College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is proud to give our community a chance to see unique plants like the corpse flower," says Curtis Bennett, Dean of CNSM. "We strive to be a center for scientific learning in the community, and have many incredible plants, scientific specimens, and demonstrations available to the public year-round."

The College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics hosts an open house every year and invites the public to view all of the specimens, demonstrations, and groundbreaking work happening in the college.

corpse flower full bloom