CNSM Virtual Tour Provides Prospective Students a Glimpse of What CSULB Has to Offer

Whether the reasons are financial, health-related or work-related, the reality is that packing up and going on a college tour just isn't possible for everyone – until now. Prospective students can now remotely tour the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (CNSM) from the comfort of their local coffee shop, library, or living room. Featuring lab visits and messages from CNSM faculty, this tour gives prospective students a real taste of what CNSM is all about.

"We always strive to expand student access, and with this new YouVisit partnership, that's exactly what we're doing," said Associate Dean for Academic Programs, Evaluation and Advising – and project lead – Dr. Krzysztof Slowinski. "Immersive technology allows us to showcase the student-faculty partnerships – a hallmark of our College. Being able to take this tour gives students the agency that allows them to make more informed decisions about their education and their future."

So, what separates this from your standard virtual tour? YouVisit boasts "advanced media layering and motion graphic capabilities" to enhance the experience and "allow students to immerse themselves in your campus culture." Using easy navigation tools and 360 panoramas, students can explore destinations in detail and at their own pace, in English or Spanish.

That immersion is a top priority for Associate Dean for Research Dr. Barbara Taylor, saying "It's so important for prospective students to be able to really envision themselves at CSULB. We want them to have that experience so that when they get here, campus already feels like home."

Once in the tour, prospective students will visit the famous CSULB Fountain at Brotman Hall, the Biochemistry, Virology and the Nanoelectronics labs, the I-Space, and Science Learning Center. Users also have supplementary options to watch experiments in the Shark Lab and Marine Lab and hear from the CNSM faculty. The tour also features a field visit to Palos Verdes, videos from the Los Cerritos Wetlands, and messages from alumni about why they love The Beach!

Dean Bennett weighed in on the experience, saying "This opens the doors to so many more prospective students. Now anyone can learn about CNSM from anywhere, anytime." That kind of availability makes a difference – according to YouVisit, prospective students who inquire through the tour are 3x more likely to schedule an in-person visit. "While we think this will have the greatest impact on CNSM enrollments, we hope that it has a ripple effect bringing in more students in all the colleges across the University."

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