Jami E. Goodman

2001 Distinguished Alumna

Dianne G. Van Hook

Jami E. Goodman

1996, B.A., Child Development, CSULB
1992, B.S., Communication, Arizona State University

A near-death experience changed the course of Jami Goldman’s future. At 19, she was involved in a car accident that left her stranded on a back road in a blizzard for 11 days with no heat, food, or water. She lost both of her feet as a result of severe frostbite.

Instead of pursuing a career in child care which she felt was her "real purpose in life,” Goldman entered the world of disabled sports and in the process has broken numerous world records in track and field competitions. "I thought the possibility of running on artificial legs was extraordinary," she says.

"I never realized what a sense of freedom running could give me. l soon began to realize that educating people especially children, about disabled sports is part of my life's work. "The Huntington Beach resident gives motivational speeches to children and adults across the country.

She also volunteers as a camp counselor for children dealing with life­ threatening illnesses through the Dream Street Foundation. She is well known for an International Adidas commercial and has captured considerable media attention with appearances on "60 Minutes," "CNN/Time" and "CBS Sports Central."

From Alumni Awards 2001 program