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Gerald L. Baker

1995 Distinguished Alumnus

Gerald L. Baker

Gerald L. Baker

1968, M.B.A., Business Administration, CSULB

Fleet Mortgage Group is one of the top five mortgage companies in the U.S. and the man in charge of this retail network of 106 branches in 37 states is Jerry Baker, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Since November 1994, Baker has been responsible for all operating and policy direction for Fleet’s mortgage banking including two major subsidiaries: the Milwaukee-based Fleet Mortgage Corp. and Columbia, South Carolina’s Fleet Real Estate Funding.

He oversees a firm with a total combined services portfolio exceeding $105 billion. Prior to joining Fleet, Baker was Managing Director for Countrywide Credit Industries, Inc. and Countrywide Funding Corp. from 1989 to 1994.

There he was responsible for overall corporate policy and direction and managed CFC’s production divisions as well as marketing programs for all corporate subsidiaries and divisions. The native Evansville, Ind., was raised in Los Angeles and has cultivated a taste for golf, skiing, reading and motorcycles.

From Alumni Awards 1995 program