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Cedric L. Anderson

2000 Distinguished Alumnus

Cedric L. Anderson

Cedric L. Anderson

1988, M.A., Educational Administration, CSULB
1979, M.A, Public Administration, CSULB
1970, B.A., Psychology/Sociology, Wayne State University

Cedric Anderson's success stories in pairing high-risk youths with special education students has earned him a multitude of honors including California Teacher of the Year in 1996, CSULB's nomination for the California State University Outstanding Teacher Award in 1999 and attention from national media including CNN, The New York Times and ABC's 20/20.

Since 1988, he's been a teacher at Rosewood Community Education Center, a school within the Los Angeles County Office of Education that's the first in the nation to have a compulsory community service program in which high-risk juvenile offenders peer tutor severely challenged students.

Anderson implemented the program with three education partners. The 20-year teacher, who serves on a committee for the California Department of Education and on the CSU LB Alumni Association Board of Directors, enjoys the challenges of working with high-risk students.

"If I succeed even a little where other teachers or persons have failed, I feel I have moved mountains, not mole hills," he says.

From Alumni Awards 2000 program