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A. Maurice Myers

2003 Distinguished Alumnus

A. Maurice Myers

A. Maurice Myers

1971, MBA, CSULB
1964, B.A., Business Administration , CSU Fullerton

A. Maurice "Maury" Myers enjoys the challenge of helping a company achieve profitability, particularly among firms dependent upon logistics. With his reputation as corporate turn-around expert, he joined Waste Management as chairman, president and chief executive officer in November 1999.

Waste Management, a Fortune 200 company, is the nation's largest waste disposal company and a major recycler of waste materials. He has since been credited for helping restore the firm's reputation and improving its operations.

He previously was chairman, president and CEO of Yellow Corp., one of the nation's largest trucking firms, and president and chief operating officer of America West Airlines and Aloha Air group. The Long Beach native grew up in Orange County.

"I did my MBA all at night with three small girls of home and commuting from our home in Laguna Beach," he recalled. Through the experience, "I learned the power of perseverance. It has engendered an attitude of 'never give up' that has served me well.

For me, the very practical approach taught by my professors, most of whom had been in the business world, was of immediate use in my career." He added that "I am pleased by the school's reputation and am proud to say I am a graduate."

From Alumni Awards 2003 program