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Chancellor’s Office Services for Summer Faculty Development

CSU Intro to Teaching Online Training

The funding available for each faculty member, who has not been identified as a Faculty Champion or a Faculty Leader, to participate in the professional development (other than that offered by the Faculty Center) is up to $1500. In addition, each faculty member may attend up to four of the workshops offered by the Faculty Center; each such workshop provides $125 in compensation.

This course is designed to help an instructor get started in designing a fully online course for the summer 2020 session. As participants progress through the course they will become familiar with the concepts of the Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT) Instrument. The QLT Instrument should act as a guide in online course development to support student success in the course. Participants must acquire at least eighty-five percent (85%) in the course to receive a certificate of completion. It should take between 8 - 10 hours total to work through the course. This is an asynchronous course and therefore participants will be moving at a different pace throughout the modules. (Read the Intro to Online syllabus - Google Doc).

  • Intended Audience: Instructors looking to take their courses fully online, with beginner's knowledge of BeachBoard and Quality Teaching/Learning rubrics.
  • Offered and Facilitated by: The California State University Chancellor's Office

 Asynchronous/2 Sync Meetings/2-3 Weeks, 2 Zoom Office Hours (15-20 hours) 

  • M0: Start Here
  • M1: An Introduction to Online Learning
  • M2: Learning Objectives and Alignment
  • M3: Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • M4: Interaction, Community, and Facilitation
  • M5: Content Creation and Variety
  • M6: Feedback and Assessment
  • M7: Final Course Reflection