Services, Centers & Resources

A list of campus center and resources broken up by service. An additional list of services organized alphabetically is available.

Academic Success

  • Computer Labs
  • University Honors
  • Writer's Resource Lab


Campus Resources Location Phone Number
Academic Computing Services Horn Center 562.985.8677
CalState TEACH    
Career Development Center BH-250 562.985.4151
Center for International Education BH-201 562.985.4106
Center For Student-Athlete Services PE1-67 562.985.4777
College Assistance Migrant Program LA3-202 562.985.2006
Computer Labs   562.985.2303
Computing Resources    
Educational Opportunity Center   562.570.3710
Educational Opportunity Program LA1-119 562.985.5637
Extension Services FND-104 562.985.5561
Honors Program LIB-213 562.985.4706
Internet Account, CSULB Horn Center 562.985.3500
Jensen Student Access to Science and Mathematics Center (SAS) FO5-109 562.985.4682
Learning Alliance LA4-202 562.985.7804
Learning Assistance Center Horn Center, Room 104 562.985.5350
Library LIB 562.985.8472
Library Archives and Special Collections LIB 562.985.4087
McNair Scholars Program LA1-119 562.985.5637
MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement) Center EN2-300 562.985.8014
Partners for Success (Faculty Mentoring Students Program) USU-209 562.985.1951
Pre-Baccalaureate Advising and Support Services LA5-361 562.985.7895
President's Scholars Center LIB-301 562.985.1951
President's Scholars Program BH-289 562.985.5358
Scholarship Center USU-108 562.985.2549
Student Support Services Program LA1-119 562.985.5637
Student Transition and Retention Services FND-160 562.985.5515
Summer Bridge Program LA1-119 562.985.5637
Technology Help Desk Horn Center 562.985.4959
University Center for Undergraduate Advising (formerly Academic Advising Center) Horn Center, Room 103 562.985.4837
Veterans Services BH-250 562.985.5115
Writer's Resource Lab LAB-212 562.985.4329


Administrative Resources

  • Financial Aid
  • Outreach and School Relations
  • Registration

Campus Resources Location Phone Number
Admissions BH-101 562.985.5471
Cashier's Office BH-155 562.985.4167
Center for Community Engagement AS-127 562.985.7131
Educational Equity Services LA1-119 562.985.5637
Enrollment Services BH-101 562.985.5471
Fees BH-101  
Financial Aid BH-101 562.985.8403
Foundation Office FND-332 562.985.5537
Immunization Information SHS 562.985.4771
Ombuds Office USU-301 562.985.5983
Outreach and School Relations BH-289 562.985.5358
Parents' Orientation Program AS-124 562.985.5458
Parking Office   562.985.4146
Registration BH-101 562.985.5471
Testing and Evaluation Services BH-216 562.985.4007
Transcripts BH-101 562.985.5471
Tuition and Fees   562.985.5471
University Outreach & School Relations BH-289 562.985.5358
University Relations and Development BH-387 562.985.5197


Student Life and Wellness

  • Alumni
  • Athletics
  • Student Health Services

Campus Resources Location Phone Number
Alumni Office USU-111  
Amazon@TheBeach University Bookstore  
Arts (Public Performances and Exhibitions)   562.985.7000
Associated Students, Inc. USU-220 562.985.4994
Athletic Events and Tickets Pyramid Box Office 562.985.4949
Carpenter Performing Arts Center CPAC 562.985.7000
Campus Tours BH-289 562.985.5358
Clubs and Organizations USU-206 562.985.4181
Club Sports & Recreation    
Counseling and Psychological Services  BH-226 562.985.4001
Disabled Student Services BH-270 562.985.5401
Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden Japanese Garden 562.985.8885
Forty-Niner Shops BKS 562.985.5093
Fraternities/Sororities USU-206 562.985.7501
Health Resource Center SHS-268 562.985.4609
Internship Program BH-250 562.984.4151
Intramural Sports & Wellness PE-20 562.985.4668
Isabel Patterson Child Development Center 5700 Atherton St. 562.985.5333
KKJZ-FM 88.1 Public Radio CLA 562.985.5566
Leadership Resource Center USU-313 562.985.1936
Men's Success Inititative   562.985.4181
Off-Campus Housing HRL 562.985.4187
On-Campus Housing HRL 562.985.4187
Student Health Services (SHS) SHS 562.985.4771
Student Health Services Appointment Desk SHS 562.985.1638
Student Life and Development USU-206 562.985.4181
SLD Student Academic Travel USU-215 562.985.5213
Study Abroad BH-201 562.985.4106
University Art Museum UAM 562.985.5761