Directed Self Placement (DSP)

Welcome to CSULB! If you have been instructed to complete the Directed Self Placement survey, please do so before you attend SOAR and enroll in a first-year writing course.

Begin the survey:  Directed Self Placement Survey

What is Directed Self Placement (DSP)?

DSP is an alternative to placement exams that helps you decide if a year-long writing experience is a good match for you. The DSP survey will guide you through a self-evaluation of your current reading and writing habits and offer you a recommendation based on your results.

Did you take the DSP survey?

Do your results recommend a year-long writing experience? View this flowchart for recommended courses (also listed in the text below):

Flowchart of DSP Survey Recommendations, text follows

Did your DSP results recommend a year-long writing experience? 

Choose from:

  • AFRS 100A
  • AIS 100A
  • ASAM 100A
  • ENGL 100A 
  • CHLS 104A

Earn college credit in a pass/no pass setting to acclimate you into university life while you obtain college-level reading and writing experience.  Features include the following:

  • A less hurried, more in-depth experience with reading and writing activities.
  • Practice in research, revision, and editing.
  • Exploration of your personal goals and life experiences through writing.
  • A variety of relevant writing assignments such as creating promotional online content.
  • Strategies for navigating dense reading material, including note-taking and annotation skills.

Choose from:

  • AFRS 100B
  • AIS 100B
  • ASAM 100B
  • ENGL 100B
  • CHLS 104B

Satisfies one of the writing requirements for general education at CSULB.

Emphasizes academic discourse, focusing on analytical reading, thesis-driven writing, and rhetorical strategies.