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Strategies for Academic Success Workshop

Students placed on academic probation should attend a Strategies for Academic Success workshop.

The Strategies for Academic Success Workshop will teach students to:

  • understand the University's academic probation policy,
  • recognize and remove barriers to academic success,
  • identify and utilize University resources,
  • create a strategy to return to good academic standing.

Upcoming Fall 2019 workshops:​​​

Workshops have concluded for the semester. Students currently on academic probation are encouraged to sign up for an individual appointment using the SSC-Advising & Tutoring system:

All workshops are held in Student Success Center-140A.

Register for a Workshop

Students currently on academic probation were sent a workshop registration invitation via email. Students interested in attending can register via the link in the invitation. To receive assistance with registering for a workshop, please visit the Center during drop-in hours.

What to Bring to the Workshop:

Understanding Academic Standing

All undergraduate students must maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) in all classes taken at CSULB and in all transferable courses from other colleges and universities, to remain in good academic standing.

Academic probation results when a student's grades fall below a 2.0 GPA in either the CSULB cumulative GPA (all courses at CSULB) or in the overall cumulative GPA (all transferable college courses, including CSULB work).

Students placed on probation are given one semester to raise their GPAs to a 2.0 and return to good academic standing. Students are subject to academic disqualification at the end of the first semester on academic probation if they have GPAs below the four minimum cumulative (CUM) GPAs as follows:

Units Completed Cumulative GPA
Freshman (fewer than 30 units completed) 1.5 GPA
Sophomore (30 - 59 units completed 1.7 GPA
Junior (60 - 89 units completed) 1.85 GPA
Senior (90 + units completed) 1.95 GPA

Students whose CSULB and overall GPAs are higher than those listed above but still below 2.0 will earn a second semester on academic probation and must raise their GPAs to a 2.0 and return to good academic standing to avoid academic disqualification.

Enrollment Services informs students via email about their academic standing. As always, it is extremely important that students keep their email address on "My CSULB" current and check their email regularly.

Detailed information on academic standing, including academic probation, academic disqualification, and seeking reinstatement after academic disqualification, can be found by visiting Enrollment Services.