Beach XP

The Beach XP, short for Beach Experience, is a program for incoming first-time/first-year students that aims to establish peer networks, enhance learning, build career connections, and cultivate community through friendship and fun.

Students enrolled in Beach XP enter into college-specific cohorts and meet with the same peers each week for designated courses that count toward their general education or major specific requirements. This new program is designed to create connections and support our student's educational goals, bringing important opportunities and resources directly to them.

  • Each Learning Community is composed of 26 students who share the same core courses.
  • Each student has an assigned peer mentor to help with tutoring, study skills, and transitioning from the high school to college environment.
  • Learning Communities build supportive environments with class study sessions, social media, and group events with peers.
  • Students will have access to important resources such as Tutoring, Success Workshops, and Academic Advising.

The Beach XP program is designed to support exploring students as they navigate through their college transition, build a community among their peers, and promote academic success.

Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentors are upper division students who provide tutoring and mentoring geared toward helping first-time/first-year students be academically successful while helping them make a smooth transition from high school to life on campus. Each Beach XP student will be assigned a Peer Mentor for academic and social support in their first year.

Indicate Your Interest

You can indicate your interest in joining Beach XP when you complete the First-Time/First-Year survey. Your UCUA academic advisor will provide additional details when you meet with them for academic advising and course registration during SOAR.