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Academic Disqualification & Reinstatement

Students who have been placed on academic probation and do not raise their CSULB cumulative GPA (all courses at CSULB) and their overall cumulative GPA (all transferable college courses, including CSULB work) to 2.0 are subject to academic disqualification.

Students are subject to academic disqualification at the end of the first semester on academic probation if they have GPAs below the four minimum cumulative GPAs as follows:

Units Completed Cumulative GPA or CSULB GPA
Freshman (fewer than 30 units completed) 1.5 GPA
Sophomore (30 - 59 units completed) 1.7 GPA
Junior (60 - 89 units completed) 1.85 GPA
Senior (90 + units completed) 1.95 GPA

Students whose CSULB and overall GPAs are higher than those listed above, but below 2.0, may earn a second semester on academic probation before academic disqualification takes place.

Students whose CSULB and overall GPAs are still below 2.0 after two semesters on probation are subject to academic disqualification.

Detailed information on academic standing, including Academic Probation, Disqualification, and Reinstatement can be found by visiting Enrollment Services.


If you were academically disqualified from the University and wish to seek reinstatement, you must follow the application procedure and meet minimum eligibility requirements to qualify for consideration.

The minimum criteria include:

Please note: Seeking reinstatement to the university requires a commitment of time, effort and financial resources on your part, with no guarantee of reinstatement, even if all minimum requirements for consideration are met.

Disqualified students are strongly encouraged to attend a Reinstatement Workshop. In these workshops, UCUA advisors assist students in developing a plan to work toward applying for reinstatement to the University. Find out how to register.