Tuition Assistance

Each military branch has its own application procedure for Tuition Assistance. Therefore, prior to enrolling at California State University Long Beach, military students requesting TA must visit their respective Military Service’s education portal to ensure eligibility for TA benefits.

Apply for TA by visiting your branch's local installation education center, Educational Service Officer (ESO), or online virtual education center. Approval from the student’s ESO or military branch counselor is required prior to enrollment. If you enroll in coursework without prior authorization it could result in you owing the full balance for tuition and fees for that semester.

Please review the "Important TA Information for all Branches" section and your corresponding branch section to proceed.

What is Tuition Assistance?
Tuition Assistance (TA) is a program that provides financial assistance to service members for voluntary off-duty education programs in support of their professional and personal self-development goals. The Department of Defense will provide up to $250 per semester credit hour and up to $4,500 per fiscal year for courses that are part of an approved academic degree or certificate program. The program is available for active duty, reserve, and National Guard service members from all branches of the military. CSULB is eligible to accept Military TA for servicemembers, which may pay up to 100% of tuition.

When will TA be applied?
For all branches, once the request has been processed and your official Tuition Assistance authorization has been received, your TA funding will post to your student account balance (typically within 2-3 business days) so that you can pay any remaining balances as applicable. Please note that TA can only cover the “Tuition” charges and cannot be applied toward campus-based fees.

What is the deadline?
Students must submit their TA requests at least 10 days prior to the start of the semester they are requesting TA to be utilized. 
Additionally, you must pay for your remaining tuition and fees before the payment deadline. If you have submitted your authorization and a payment deadline is approaching, please contact our office to allow us to protect your account while the authorizations are processed.

Can Veteran Services Office assist with creating an academic plan?
Our office will be happy to provide you assistance with the proper course information and academic degree plan to enable you to apply for Tuition Assistance program, if required. For more information, please visit our main page for contact details.

Who can assist with TA processing questions?
For questions regarding processing your TA at CSULB, please contact Student Financial Services, under "Third Party Sponsorships". 

Soldiers request TA and enroll in courses online through ArmyIgnitED. Please follow the steps below:
1. Request TA through ArmyIgnitED.
2. TA is requested course-by-course.
3. ArmyIgnitED notifies soldiers whether or not TA has been approved.
4. All drops/withdrawals take place through ArmyIgnitED. Failing grades mean TA must be repaid.
5. Soldiers submit a new signed TA statement of understanding each year.

Air Force airmen & women must apply for Air Force veterans college benefits through the Air Force Portal itself. Please follow the steps below:
1. Select Reason for Request.
2. Select the School Name.
3. Enter Term Dates.
4. Enter Course Information.
5. Enter Registration Fees.
6. Verify TA Information and Submit Request.

Marines must contact their local Education Office through the Marine Education page. Please follow the steps below:
1. Students complete a TA Orientation Class prior to using TA (if a marine has used TA before, this is not required).
2. Marines apply for and receive written TA authorization prior to enrollment, using this form: NETPDTC 1560.
3. CSULB will charge the NETPDTC for payment once accepted directly.

Sailors will apply for TA through the Navy College Program. Please follow the steps below:
1. Inform Your Command
2. Complete Required Training
3. Receive Education Counseling/Define Education Goal through MyNavy Education portal
4. Submit Education Plan, Review with Navy College Counselor
5. Submit NCPACE on MyNavy Education
3. Generate TA/NCPACE Voucher and Send to CSULB

Guardsmen & women will utilize the Coast Guard Voluntary Education portal for TA. Please follow the steps below:
1. Apply for TA at MyCG Ed
2. The U.S. Naval Education and Training Professional Development and Technology Center (NETPDTC) in Pensacola, FL will be the institution that will approve your request. 
3. CSULB will charge the NETPDTC for payment once accepted directly.