Mathematical Reasoning with Connections (MRWC)

Mathematical Reasoning with Connections (MRWC) is a math class for high school seniors. The team that developed the MRWC curriculum agreed that “an expectation for mathematics should always be that it makes sense” and successfully reorganized the way math is taught in order to make it more accessible and enjoyable for students.


  1. The MRWC curriculum has been specifically designed to improve math preparation for students transitioning from high school to college and career pathways.
  2. The course reorganizes the traditional pathway of topics to emphasize the connections between algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, calculus, etc.
  3. Passing MRWC with a grade of “C” or better automatically qualifies a student for Math Readiness Category II at CSULB, allowing the student to enter college-level math courses without additional, structured support.
  4. MRWC satisfies California A-G requirements for mathematics/quantitative reasoning
  5. MRWC integrates CA Common Core Standards for Mathematics

  1. High school English math teachers at schools that have adopted the MRWC curriculum may participate in 20 days of professional learning to become a certified MRWC-certified instructor. If your school has adopted MRWC, inquire with the designated MRWC site coordinator for more information.
  2. Cal Poly Pomona MRWC Professional Learning Page

  1. Contact the EAP Coordinator at your local CSU campus - PDF for more information.
  2. Schools in the CSULB local admission area seeking to adopt the MRWC curriculum should contact the CSULB EAP Coordinator for support.