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University Outreach & School Relations

University Outreach & School Relations

Virtual Services

Explore Our Social Media Resources

  • Instagram Live Tours & Student Panels 
    Campus life and admission information for prospective students
    Library of guided virtual tours on IGTV
    Weekly Q&A live streams on Thursdays at 3pm

  • Discord Events for Prospective Students
    Connect with other prospective students
    Q&A with CSULB students & staff
    CSULB announcements & updates
    Engagement Opportunities (game and movie nights)
  • TikTok Updates & CSULB Highlights


The Office of University Outreach & School Relations (UOSR) is the primary guest relations and student recruitment center for CSULB. The office oversees the following:

  • Advising prospective students on academic preparedness and college readiness
  • Recruiting a diverse and talented pool of high-achieving scholars and college-bound students
  • Promoting CSULB's high-quality education and opportunities to prospective students, their families, high school and community college personnel, and others through strategic communication and services