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Pow Wow


Location: Upper Campus Quad
Pow Wow will move to the West Gym in the event of rain
Presented by the American Indian Studies Program, American Indian Student Council, American Indian Student Services, Division of Student Affairs, Student Life and Development, and Associated Students, Inc.

After consultation with the President's Office, Director of Students Health Services, Vice President of Student Affairs, the CSULB Pow Wow Committee, and informed by our understanding that our elders are our most precious resource, we have decided to POSTPONE our 50th Annual Pow Wow UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. This precautionary decision is consistent with other large events, unfortunately; being impacted in the CSU system by the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). Of course, this may change if we are told by the County of Los Angeles and our University that we cannot host the event.

California State University, Long Beach’s annual Pow Wow, an American Indian social celebration, is the largest spring event of its kind in Southern California. The Pow Wow at Cal State Long Beach is focused on displaying the university’s strong American Indian presence. Admission is free. A $10 PARKING PERMIT MUST BE PURCHASED EACH DAY TO PARK ON CAMPUS.

The two-day event, which will feature American Indian dancing, arts, crafts and food begins at 11 AM each day and runs until 10 PM on Saturday and 7 PM on Sunday. In addition to contests and inter-tribal dancing, there will be Gourd dancing with Dancer Registration closing at 2 PM on Saturday. All dancers and drums are invited.

Native foods such as mutton and beef stew, Navajo tacos, fry bread and Indian burgers will be on sale at the event, and American Indian vendors will be selling both traditional and contemporary American Indian art.

A campus map and directions can be found at or you may download a Pow Wow Campus Map - PDF.


Our Craft Vendor and Information Booths are full. We are no longer accepting vendors/info booths.

Food Vendors are by invitation only

Vendors must be in compliance with the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 (P.L. 101-644). For more information please visit:


  • Master of Ceremony: Arlie Neskahi (Seattle, WA)
  • Arena Director: Victor Chavez (Whittier, CA)
  • Head Man Dancer: Craig Stone (Long Beach, CA)
  • Head Woman Dancer: Deborah Sanchez (Lakewood, CA)
  • Host Northern Drum: Bad Soul (Grand Ronde, OR)
  • Head Southern Singer: Howard Cozad (Anadarko, OK)
  • Host Gourd: Golden State Gourd Society
  • Spoonkeeper: Rebecca Sanchez (Long Beach, CA)
  • Sound: Young Sound (Moose Lake, MB)


  • Head Man "Old School Fancy Dance Special": 50 years or older, no acrobatics or plastic streamers. Prize: Eagle Star Quilt or Pendleton blanket and cash prizes for top 3 dancers. All contestants will receive a gift.
  • Head Man "Hand Drum Contest": First 10 singers to sign up on 3/14 between noon - 1pm. Singing will take place throughout the weekend. Prize: Hand Drums and cash prizes for top 3 winners. All contestants will receive a gift.
  • Head Woman "Traditional California Indian Dress Special": Exhibition of Dancers in Traditional California Indian Regalia. Prize: All contestants will receive a gift.



Time Event
11:00AM Gourd Dancing
1:00PM Grand Entry
2:00PM Dancer Registration Closes
4:00PM American Indian Student Council (Pow Wow Committee) Special

5:00PM to 6:00PM

Dinner Break - California Indian Presentation
10:00PM Closing: Retire Colors and dance out



Time Event
11:00AM Gourd Dancing
1:00PM Grand Entry
6:00PM Closing: Awards, Retire Colors and dance out