Specialized Services

Trans Care Team 

The Trans Care Team, comprised of CAPS professional staff members, is committed to providing affirming care to transgender and gender diverse students at CSULB. Our aim is to facilitate and advocate for access to trans-affirming care that supports the mental health wellness and academic success of our transgender and gender diverse students. Services offered by the Trans Care Team include:

  • Brief Counseling - Meet with a counselor who has experience working with gender identity questions and transgender and gender non-conforming students. 
  • Letters of Support - For students seeking a gender-affirming medical procedure requiring a letter of support from a mental health professional.
  • Drop-In Support - Rainbow Café is a drop-in support group for students who identify with the LGBTQIA+ community and those who are exploring their sexual, romantic, and/or gender identity. For more information about Rainbow Café and other CAPS groups click here
  • Case Management - Support is available for students needing help connecting with services off campus, such as navigating insurance or identifying and scheduling services with trans-affirming mental health and medical providers. For more information about case management services at CAPS click here

Team Members 

  • Lauren Jensen, PhD, Counselor 
  • Beth Sullivan, PsyD, Counselor 
  • Rachelle Ang, LCSW, Case Manager 

To meet with a Trans Care Team counselor or case manager, call CAPS at 562-985-4001 to schedule an appointment. When you call, please let us know what service you are interested in (i.e., brief counseling, letter of support, case management)

Please note that for students seeking a letter of support, you will not be asked questions about the medical procedure you are seeking at the time of scheduling your appointment.