Drop-In Spaces

Our drop-in support spaces are led by CAPS counselors via Zoom for undergraduate and graduate students at Long Beach State. Drop-in spaces are not therapy groups but do offer space to connect with other students and feel supported. You are not required to be a client at CAPS to participate, you can join at any time in the semester, it is okay to arrive late or leave early, and you are not expected to attend each meeting. Unless noted otherwise, our drop-in support spaces do not meet during campus holidays, school breaks, or finals week. To request disability-related accommodations to participate, please contact the Bob Murphy Access Center at 562.985.5401 or at bmac@csulb.edu.

Spring 2022 Drop-In Spaces


  • Grieving with Grace: Conversations about learning to live after loss
    • Date/Time: 12:30pm – 2pm (monthly)| 2/7, 3/7, 4/4, 5/2 
    • Facilitator: Michael Barraza, Psy.D.; Michael.Barraza@csulb.edu
    • Zoom ID: 869 9864 9174 (Passcode: 5629854001)
  • Rainbow Café: An Inclusive Space in Support of (a)sexual, (a)gender and (a)romantic diversity ​


  • Black Table Talk: A Space for Conversations about Race and Other Issues Impacting Black Students
    • Date/Time: Tuesdays 12:00 – 1:00pm (2x a month) | Starting 1/25 | Email Dr. Shelly at Shelly.Collins@csulb.edu 
    • Facilitator: Shelly Collins, Ph.D. (Rotating Facillitators)
    • Meeting during spring break and finals week.
  • Creating Connection for Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander Students: A conversation space for Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander student to connect across diverse lived experiences


  • Buddies Connect @ the Beach: Meet other students, build community, get resources, and de-stress
    • Date/Time: Wednesdays 1-2pm (weekly) 
    • Facilitators Lolita Mariscal-Carrano, LCSW, Gloria Flores, MHP, CHES (Peer Program Coordinator), & Beach Buddy Peer Mentors; Loli.MariscalCarrano@csulb.edu
    • Zoom ID: 870 8990 9478
  • #RacialTraumaisReal: Virtual support space focused on uplifting and supporting BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) students as they experience racial trauma. Students may learn critical skills for buffering the impacts of trauma and have the opportunity to share their stories and bear witness to the experience of others. 
    • Wednesdays 1:00-2:00 PM | Weekly | March 2- April 27
    • Facilitator(s): Shelly Collins, PhD; Shelly.Collins@csulb.edu
    • Zoom ID: 828 9880 2653


  • First at the Beach: A support space for first generation college students at CSULB
    • Date/Time: Thursdays 12-1pm (weekly) 
    • Facilitator: Elisa Hernandez, Ph.D.; Elisa.Hernandez@csulb.edu
    • Zoom ID: 845 9072 7986
  • Thoughtful Thursday:  Guided mindfulness and meditation
  • Sisterfriends: A supportive networking group for Black women (led by WGEC)
    • Date/Time: Thursdays 1 – 2:30pm (weekly)
    • Facilitators: Hosted by WGEC with Shelly-Ann Collins Rawle, Ph.D. Shelly.Collins@csulb.edu as an intermittent guest facilitator from CAPS; wgec@csulb.edu  
    • Zoom ID: Contact facilitator   
  • Latinas @ the Beach: A space to connect with other Latinas
    • Date/Time: Thursdays 2 - 3pm (weekly) | Email LatinasAtTheBeach@csulb.edu to sign-up
    • 3x/month via Zoom     |     1x/month in the USU 306 | 2/24, 3/24, 4/28, 5/5
    • Facilitator: Rosa Moreno-Alcaraz, Ph.D.; and Celia Mejia, M.A. 
    • Zoom ID: 810 9792 0963      



  • Beach Ready, Set Go: A support space to help students returning after an educational or medical leave. We will share support, tips, and resources that can help you thrive and sail smoothly through the semester. No RSVP necessary!
    • Fridays 1:00 – 2:00pm |Bi-weekly | Starting 2/25
    • Facilitator(s): Rachelle Ang, LCSW; Rachelle.Ang@csulb.edu & Jolene Sagan, LCSW
    • Zoom ID: 861 4616 0630 (Password: 562502)


  • Butterfly Healing Circle: Undoc/DACA support group led by UndocuAllies
    • Date/Time: (monthly) | Email Nidia.Moran@csulb.edu for dates and location 
    • Facilitators: Nidia Moran Canales, PsyD, LMFT and Xiomara Romero, LMFT