Let's Talk

Let's Talk: Individual Drop-In Consultations

Let's Talk is an individual drop-in service where CSULB students can occasionally have a brief and informal consultation with a counselor to access support, gain perspective, explore resources, and discuss how counseling might be helpful.  "Let's Talk" is designed for students who are wanting to talk to a counselor casually.  Let's Talk is not formal therapy, and you do not need to be a CAPS client to attend. It is not appropriate for students needing urgent help. If you are in crisis, please contact our CAPS office at 562.985.4001 to speak with a crisis counselor. Visits are first come, first serve. Please wait in the zoom waiting room until the counselor admits you

Let’s Talk Consultations Could Be Used To: 

  • learn more about mental health resources and virtual therapy services
  • talk about stress and anxiety related to academics and/or relationship concerns
  • talk about challenges related to current events
  • learn about healthy ways to cope with stress and other concerns
  • get emotional support and identify ways to increase social connection during shelter-in-place
  • create a menu of therapy options to consider, or identify a future plan of action with CAPS

Image of Dr. Christine
Let's Talk: Individual drop-in constultations for all CSULB students. 

Mondays; 2pm-3pm  |  Christine Ricohermoso-Shaw, Psy.D. 

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Black Talk:
 Individual drop-in consultation for CSULB studentswho identify as Black or of African descent.

Tuesdays (Biweekly); 12-1pm   |   Shelly-Ann Collins, Ph.D. 

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Although Let’s Talk consultations are with mental health professionals, they are not therapy sessions and do not constitute mental health treatment. Let’s Talk meetings are not part of the student’s mental health records. Let’s Talk is not for crisis or urgent concerns. If you are in crisis or need immediate support, please call CAPS at 562.985.4001. If CAPS is closed, please call CAPS be transferred to the CAPS after-hours crisis counselor 562.985.4001.