Parkmobile App

Published February 1, 2017

ParkMobile is a pay-by-phone parking app that provides a fast and easy payment option for Short-Term (30/60/90 min) and Daily parking permits on campus. With the Parkmobile app, you can start your parking transaction within seconds of parking your vehicle or even before arriving on campus for daily pass purchases.

Each parking area on CSULB campus has been assigned a specific ParkMobile zone number shown on nearby signage and within the Parkmobile App itself. Use this 4-digit number during your transaction and quickly complete your parking purchase without the use of a pay station. You can also opt-in to receive notifications 15-minutes prior to your parking session expiring (Short-Term parking) and add additional time to your purchase (up to the maximum time allowed) remotely from anywhere on campus through your mobile device.

For additional information, please visit our ParkMobile FAQ.