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Summary of Program Changes - Fall Semester 2019

Published June 24, 2019

A summary of all program changes for Fall Semester 2019 is provided below:

Assisted Parking

  • A new expedited parking option will soon be available for students in various General (G) Lots on campus
  • This service will resemble a mixture of directed parking, spotting individuals, and an assisted parking service
  • Arrive to class much faster now during peak times of campus travel
  • Service starts on Aug. 26, 2019
  • Full program info is available at Assisted Parking

Donations for Citations

  • A new discounted citation payment option for eligible citation types
  • Individuals can now choose to donate to the ASI Beach Pantry + a small admin processing fee instead of paying the full citation fee
  • Donations + admin fee will provide a savings of approximately 50% to the individual depending on the donation items purchased
  • Full program info available at Donations For Citations

TAP Program with Long Beach Transit

  • The unlimited TAP U-Pass program with Long Beach Transit will transition to a heavily-discounted plan
  • $40 for fall/spring semesters and $30 for summer semester
  • The reduced Student Pass Rate via Long Beach Transit is $40/month ($160/4-month semester)
  • The U-Pass TAP is a discount of $120 or approximately 75%
  • Full program info is available at the Bus webpage

Los Coyotes Shuttle

  • The Los Coyotes shuttle will soon transition to fee-based service
  • Current fees will be $45 for fall/spring semester
  • On-campus shuttles will still be offered free of charge to students
  • Full program info is available at the Shuttle webpage

Beachside Shuttle

  • Beachside Shuttle service will soon transition to ending at 4 p.m. on Fridays.
  • Beachside parking privileges will be valid on the main campus in any General (G) Lot all day on Friday, Saturday, and Sundays.
  • Full program info available at the Shuttle webpage.

License Plate Recognition (vehicle maximum)

  • Full LPR program info can be found at our License Plate Recognition (LPR) FAQ
  • Starting on August 9, 2019, users will be allowed a specified number of vehicles per permit based on their classification:
    • 5 vehicles
      • All employees (excluding bargaining unit 11), C99, M80, and M98
    • 2 vehicles
      • All other permit classes (e.g. Students, Emeriti, Community, Volunteer, Bargaining Unit 11, Auxiliary, etc.)
  • For full instructions on how to add/remove vehicles, please see the How To Maintain Your Parking Account [PDF]

Electric Vehicle Charging Services

  • The one-year complimentary cloud and maintenance service waiver from Chargepoint has expired
  • Students and staff members will now be asked to pay a small fee to charge their electric vehicles at campus charging stations
  • Community member fees will remain the same
  • Full info at Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Cashless Pay Stations

  • ​All pay stations have now transitioned to a cashless operating system
  • Our pay stations accept debit and credit cards
  • If you wish to pay cash for a parking purchase, please visit the VIC or the Parking Office during normal business hours
  • Refunds are not provided for Daily or Short-Term parking purchases and all transactions are final

Citation Fee increase

  • Citation fees on campus will rise this year for the first time since January 2008.
  • Our fee amounts will be placed at the level to other CSU campuses in our area, but still lower than most campuses in the CSU system
  • Full citation fee info is available at Citation Fee Schedule

Parking Permit scheduled fee increase

  • This year will be year third year of our 4-year previously agreed upon fee increase schedule
  • Full fee increase schedule can be found at 4-year parking fee increase

Residential Housing parking policy updates

  • Residential students will receive guest passes for their visitors' vehicles over the weekends in order to keep additional vehicles on campus and out of nearby neighborhoods
  • New Residential Student educational program identifying proper parking procedures on and off campus
  • University Police will increase patrols around the Whaley Park area to discourage illegal or inappropriate activity (Thurs.-Sun.). For information regarding patrolling the community surrounding campus, please contact the UPD non-emergency line at 562.985.4101 and ask to speak to the Watch Commander.