Permit Fee Schedule (2021-24)

In July 2021 Parking and Transportation Services implemented a 5-year parking fee increase plan to offset the significant financial impact resulting from the pandemic. As a self-funded operation, Parking and Transportation Services was tasked with creating an equitable, long-term financial model to cover annual expenses and fund reserves for future obligations.

Our department reviews the financial status on an ongoing basis. Based on the current review of fiscal year 2022-23, the permit sales from in-person instruction and on-campus events have recovered more quickly than initially projected. For this reason, we will freeze all parking permit fees at the current 2022-23 prices for the upcoming Academic Year 2023-24 beginning on July 1, 2023. Summer session 2023 permits will be included in this freeze.

After this upcoming Academic Year 2023-24, Parking and Transportation Services is proposing a less aggressive annual permit price increase based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or 5%, whichever is lower. This will enable the department to keep up with the inflationary costs that effect our operations with a more moderate approach to increases for student and employee fees.

For more information about sustainable transportation alternatives to parking on campus, please visit our Sustainable Transportation website.

Permit fees for FY23/24 will remain the same as the current FY22/23 prices beginning on July 1, 2023. After this 1-year fee freeze, prices will increase based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or by 5%, whichever is lower.

Permit fees according to permit type and academic year.
Permit Types Yr 1 FY21/22 Yr 2 FY22/23 Yr 3 FY23/24
Student Semester $210 $250 $250
Student Summer $135 $165 $165
Student Monthly $45 $55 $55
Resident Semester $250 $300 $300
Daily $12 $15 $15
Reduced Daily - after 5:30 p.m. (M-F) or all day (Sat./Sun.) - - $10
30 min
$3 $4 $4
60 min $5 $6 $6
90 min $10 $12 $10
120 min (Lot E5 only) $12 $15 $13
MPP/Auxiliary MPP $45 $55 $55
Auxiliary Employees (all permit types) $45 $55 $55
Activity (M-F after 4pm) $30 $35 $35
Motorcycle Semester1 $105 $125 $125
Motorcycle Summer $75 $90 $90
OLLI, SRWC, LifeFit, Community or Vendor Permit (monthly) $45 $55 $55
Overnight (24 hrs) $24 $30 $30

1Employee/Student permits are eligible for a complimentary motorcycle permit with purchase of regular semester permit.

Find the answers to your questions at the Permit Fee - FAQ.


Find additional answers at our Permit Fee - FAQ.

For any questions not addressed in our FAQ above, please feel free to email us directly at or call 562.985.4146.