Faculty and Staff Directory

  Name Department / Area Contact
  Achola, Edwin
Associate Professor
ASEC/ Special Education/Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Email: Edwin.Achola@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.7889
  Allen, Phaedra
School of Social Work Email: Phaedra.Allen@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.8577
  Anderson, Shonnick
Special Events Liaison
Event Services Email: Shonnick.Anderson@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.4400
Image of Terri Armstrong
Armstrong, Terri
Interim Director

Office of Multicultural Affairs

Email: Terri.Armstrong@csulb.edu
  Askew, Cara
Academic Programs Coordinator
CPIE- Academic Programs Email: Cara.Askew@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.7980
  Baker, Eve
Asst. Director
Testing Department Email: Eve.Baker@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.7582
  Baldwin, Mardel
Associate Director
CPIE, Student Services Center Email: Mardel.Baldwin@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.756.8459
Baugh, Stephanie
Assistant Director
Student-Athlete Development Athletics Email: Stephanie.Baugh@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.400.6779
  Berry, Heidi
Student Service Analyst
College of Professional and International Education/ Student Services Center Email: Heidi.Berry@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.5704
Braswell, Bobby
Asst. Coach Men's Basketball 
Athletics  Email: Bobby.Braswell@csulb.edu
Phone: 818.620.7914 
Elise Brown Portrait 2021
Brown, Elise
Venue Operations Manager
Anna W. Ngai Alumni Center  Email: Elise.Brown@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.7159
  Brown, Kevin
Technical Support Specialist
Financial Management Information Systems Email: Kevin.Brown@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.4032
  Brown, Tiffany
Associate Professor
FCS Email: Tiffany.Brown@csulb.edu
Phone: (551) 404863
  Bryant, Arnecia
Associate Director
ASI Email: Arnecia.Bryant@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.7870
  Cail, Kyari
Student Development Fellow
DSA, Access and Retention Email: Kyari.Cail@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.2309
  Campbell, V
Full time Lecturer
Social Work Email: Venetta.Campbell@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.5041
Lakeysha Carter
Carter, LaKeysha
Senior Undergraduate Graduation Coordinator
UCUA Email: Lakeysha.Carter@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.4035
  Cartwright , Ashley
Department Coordinator
CPIE - Marketing and Communications Email: Ashley.Cartwright@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.2883
  Cason, Deborah
Fiscal and Operations Analyst
EOP/Guardian Scholars Email: Dr.Cason@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.8470
Image of Keith Claybrook
Claybrook, Keith
Associate Professor
Africana Studies Email: M.Keith.Claybrook@csulb.edu
Phone: 310.351.4019
  Cobb, Melvin
Advanced Studies in Education and Counseling Email: Mcobb@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.882.8042
  Cobbs, Lethia
Writing Specialist
BMAC Email: Lethia.Cobbs@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.4967
Picture of Shelly Ann Collins Rawle
Collins, Shelly-Ann
Counselor Faculty
Counseling & Psychological Services Email: Shelly.Collins@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.8003
  Coombs, Korin
Administrative Support Coordinator II
Physics and Astronomy/ CNSM Email: Korin.Coombs@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.7026
  Crumble, Cheryl
Resource Specialist
EOP/Guardian Scholars Email: Cheryl.Crumble@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.2639
  Cummings, Tanya
Professor of Graphic Design
School of Art/Graphic Design Email: Tanya.Cummings@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.1871 (Please use email)
  Daughrity, Belinda
Assistant Professor
Speech Language Pathology Email: Belinda.Daughrity@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.8415
  Dozier, Deshonay
Assistant Professor
Geography Email: DDozier44@gmail.com
Phone: 917.409.6629
  Finney, Malcolm
Interim Associate Vice President
Office of Faculty Affairs Email: Malcolm.Finney@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.5260
  Garedew, Mekonnen
Assistant Director
University Outreach & School Relations Email: Mekonnen.Garedew@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.5358
  Glover-Hill, Makisha
Operations Analyst
Center for Evaluation & Educational Effectiveness (CEEE) - CED Email: Makisha.Glover-Hill@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.8868
  Green, Yolanda
Assocciate Professor
Social Work Email: Yolanda.Green@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.8312
Hamilton, John
Assistant Vice President
University Access & Retention Student Affairs Email: John.Hamilton@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.7649
Image of Adrienne Hilliard
Hilliard, Adrienne
Psychology Intern
CAPS Email: Adrienne.Hilliard@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.4001 
Howard, Ryan
Sociology  Email: Ryan.Howard@csulb.edu
Phone: 310.508.6879
  Hubbard, LaRese
Associate Professor
Africana Studies Email: Larese.Hubbard@csulb.edu
Phone: 323.540.2575
  Huff, Le Jon
Program Coordinator
CPIE Email: Lejon.Huff@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.2880
Image of Tasha Hunter
Hunter, Tasha
College of the Arts/Film Email: Tasha.Hunter@csulb.edu
Phone: 310.984.4314
  Hyppolite, Dee
Admin Coordinator
Career Development Center Email: Dee.Hyppolite@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.5551
Jackson, Michael
Fiscal Coordinator
University Outreach and School Relations Email: Michael.Jackson@csulb.edu
Phone: 626.840.1360
Image of Susan Jacobs
Jacobs, Susan
Director, Content Development
Strategic Communications Email: Susan.Jacobs@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.1665
  Johnson, Amber
Associate Professor
Health Science Email: Amber.Johnson@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.986.2301
Karenga, Dr. Maulana
Professor and Chair
Department of Africana Studies Email: Maulana.Karenga@csulb.edu
Phone: 213.273.5557
  Kelly, Tracy
Admin Coordinator
Division of Student Affairs (VPSA) Email: Tracy.Kelly@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.5587
  King, Kathyann
Administrative Support Assistant
Upward Bound Email: Kathyann.King@csulb.edu
Phone: 310.341.9823
  Lars, DaShane'
Senior Sales and Service Consultant
Athletics Email: Dashane.Lars@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.7437
Image of Pamela Lewis
Lewis, M.S. Pamela
Senior Director
Multicultural Affairs & Inclusion
Email: Pamela.Lewis@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.8576
Locks, Angela
Student Development in Higher Education Educational Leadership
College of Education
Email: Angela.Locks@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.1783
Marsh, Candi
EOP Counselor 
Educational Opportunity Program, DSA  Email: Candi.Marsh@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.5235
  McDonald, Renee
Conference Services Coordinator
Housing and Residential Life Email: Renee.Mcdonald@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.1769
Athena Mitchell Photo
Mitchell, Athena
Administrative Support
Civil Engineering & Construction Engineering Management Email: Athena.Mitchell@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.5118
Moore, Michael
Library Assistant  
Shelving Dept. Email: Mike.Moore@csulb.edu
Phone: 310.714.0667 
  Moore, Nikco
Benefits Manager
Benefits Services/HRM Email: Nikco.Moore@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.2120
Ennette Morton Photo
Morton, Ennette
Office of Faculty Affairs Email: Ennette.Morton@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.8114
Moses, Imani
Administrative Assistant 
University Library  Email: Imani.Moses@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.4047
Chantrey Murphy's Photo
Murphy, Chantrey
Associate Professor
Sociology Email: Chantrey.Murphy@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.5650
  O'Leary, Bernadette
Psychology Email: Bernadette.Oleary@csulb.edu
Phone: 310.493.7324
  Oden, Kenneth
Assistant Director
Men's Success Initiative (MSI) / Access and Retention Email: Kenneth.Oden@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.4618
  Olshanski, Fatou
Associate Director
Housing & Residential Life Email: Fatou.Olshanski@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.7137
  Overton, Jo
Fiscal & Grant Coordinator
College of Liberal Arts/Dean's Office Email: Jo.Overton@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.1338
  Peoples, Tanisha
Director of Advising - College of Liberal Arts
College of Liberal Arts Advising Center - ATLAS Email: Tanisha.Peoples@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.8705
Augusta Pickens Photo
Pickens, Augusta
Director of Student Services
Enrollment Services/Student Services Email: Augusta.Pickens@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.4652
  Polk, Saana
Assistant Director of Field Education, Full Time Lecturer
Social Work Email: Saana.Polk@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.4647
  Pringle-Hornsby, Elizabeth
CalSWEC Project Coordinator
Social Work Email: Elizabeth.Pringle-Hornsby@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.5652
  Pruitt, Ishmael
Academic Skills Coach
Student Support Services - TRiO Email: Ishmael.Pruitt@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.2700
  Rambo, Alex
Music Resource Center/iLab Coordinator
Music Email: Bigalram@gmail.com
Phone: 562.619.4957
  Reda, Saba
Director of Outreach and Recruitment
College of Engineering Email: Saba.Reda@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.481.5182
  Roberts, Lavelle
Educational Coach
TRiO Upward Bound, CSULB Email: Lavelle.Roberts@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.708.0926
  Robertson, Curglin
Upward Bound/DSA Email: Curglin.Robertson@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.596.0271
  Rock, Cheryl
Assistant Professor of Food Science
FCS Email: Cheryl.Rock@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.4497
  Ross, Ezekiel
49ers / #309 runner Email: EzekielRoss90@gmail.com
Phone: 323.245.2416
  Samuels, Kashima
Associate Director of Leadership & Engagement
University Honors Program Email: Kashima.Samuels@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.4706 
  Scholl, Myke
Associate Head Coach - Men's Basketball
Athletics Email: Myke.Scholl@csulb.edu
Phone: 310.428.6592
  Sheffield, LaTanya
Head Coach, Women's Track & Field
Athletics Email: Latanya.Sheffield@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.355.9200
Image of Saron Shiferaw
Shiferaw, Saron
Program Coordinator   
Office of Undergraduate Research Services Email: Saron.Shiferaw@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.7919
Smith, Jolan
Assistant Professor   
College of Education - Advanced Studies in Education and Counseling Email: Jolan.Smith@csulb.edu
Phone: 310.756.4839
Smith, Zion
Associate Director
Office of Student Conduct and Ethical Development Email: Zion.Smith@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.7184
  Spivey, Tamika
Director of Academic Programs-Bickerstaff Academic Center
Academic Affairs/Athletics Email: Tamika.Spivey@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.2021
  Stallings, Justin
Full-Time Lecturer
Department of Social Work Email: Justin.Stallings@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.2269
Image of James Stasher
Stasher, James
Academic Advisor   
Engineering Student Success Center Email: James.Stasher@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.1800
  Suaray, Kagba
Professor, Graduate Advisor
Applied Statistics Email: Kagba.Suaray@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.4724
  Ticer, Stacia
Administrative Support Coordinator II
Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum Email: Stacia.Ticer@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.2887
Thomas, Amber
Office Coordinator   
Office of Clinical Practice Email: Amber.Thomas@csulb.edu
Phone: 714.409.7878
  Travis, Tiffini
Library Email: Tiffini.Travis@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.7850
  Utley, Ebony
Communication Studies Email: Ebony.Utley@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.5303
  Waites, Althea
Lecturer in Music/ BCCM Conservatory
Music Email: althea.waites@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.495.4459
  Ware, Martiz
Director, Administrative Services
Associated Students Email: Martiz.Ware@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.4997
  Washington, Alex
Social Work Email: Alex.Washington@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.7775
Image of Somone Washington
Washington, Somone
Office of Faculty Affairs Email: Somone.Washington@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.2267
  Woods, Gregory
Director, News Media Services
Strategic Communications Email: Gregory.Woods@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.7902
  Yohannes Abeye, Helen
Academic Advisor/Adjunct Lecturer
College of Engineering Email: Helen.Yohannes@csulb.edu
Phone: 562.985.2672