New Year’s Resolutions Shine Beacon of Hope, Growth, and Change

As The Beach eagerly rings in a new year, some of our colleges and departments under the Division of Academic Affairs have reflected on their goals, opportunities, and growth. From tackling unique challenges to launching anticipated initiatives, our division shares some insightful 2024 resolutions. 

Inclusion Every Step of the Way 

Our division’s College of the Arts resolves to continue to serve its students with career readiness, leadership opportunities, and inclusive experiences. Their Department of Film & Electronic Arts (FEA) is a primary example, resolving to enhance its visibility with student-led projects, ensure career readiness through cutting-edge programs and offerings, and increase industry connections while fostering an inclusive, student-focused community.  

The University Library also plans to continue to serve as a powerhouse of student-ready instruction, research, and inclusion. A hub of intellect, learning, and creativity, the library will achieve this goal by continuing to provide top-notch instruction and research assistance to ALL at The Beach. They also resolve to continue to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all individuals, groups, and communities. Methods to reach this goal include the provision of unique programming that amplifies social justice, diversity, critical issues, and successes representative of our community. They also strive to nourish their workers with a placid and accepting environment in efforts to foster flourishing, growth, and belonging in the workplace. 

Reaching Out to Our Community 

The College of Professional and Continuing Education also holds fruitful goals that aim to inspire and support the greater community. The college seeks to increase access to populations not served by traditional post-secondary education. They also resolve to inspire a passion for learning, curiosity, creativity, and the desire to make a positive impact on our Long Beach community. Additionally, they plan to bolster their commitment to lifelong learning by offering innovative programs and services for the different educational needs at every step of a person’s career. 

Constructing an Innovative Future 

This year, the teams behind Beach 2030’s 7 University Action Plans are preparing to capitalize on the momentum that fortified their collective wins. Four years into the decade, Beach 2030 shares the beginning of an exciting era in its future planning efforts, with ambitious university-level projects in various stages of development, and new forward-looking initiatives on the horizon. Thanks to our Beach 2030 teams, Academic Affairs’ colleges and divisions are pioneering new initiatives that align with CSULB’s bold mission and values. In 2024, they strive to meet their goal to further inspire Beach 2030’s vision into our culture by launching meaningful projects from their Action Plan teams and regularly championing initiatives from across campus. 

Collectively, our division strives to grow, succeed, and embark on new challenges. This new year will allow us to work together and create a better Beach for ALL.