Connecting Investors and Founders


If you are part of the CSU community in any way and have a startup business looking for equity investment, then CSU Demo Day is for you!  Pitch your startup directly to multiple investors in one location.


Are you looking for new sources of deal flow? The CSU founder community is for you.  Come to CSU Demo Day and see what the largest academic system in the world has to offer.  See startups from faculty, alumni, students, and others affiliated with the CSU system.

Innovators & Creators

Come to CSU Demo Day to learn more about the entrepreneurial ecosystem of founders, investors, and accelerators/incubators.  Who else should attend? Are you:

  •  Interested in entrepreneurship;
  •  Thinking of starting your own business;
  •  Considering becoming an Angel Investor;
  •  Expanding your network in the startup community;
  •  Interested in joining a startup;
  •  Wanting to know more about working with co-founders;
  •  Interacting with like-minded individuals!

Registration and applications to pitch are now open.  Just click on the relevant link below and we will reach out to you.

Click Here to Pitch    Click Here to Attend

Student pitching her business to an audience
Two students pitching their business idea to an audience


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