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Past Staff Spotlight

Featuring the talented staff members in Enrollment Services

Welcome to our staff spotlight series, featuring our amazing & talented staff members in Enrollment Services. 

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Carl Fulbright
March’s Staff Spotlight features Carl Fulbright, one of our Transfer Admissions Evaluators. Carl not only spreads joy throughout Enrollment Services with his friendly smile and desktop treats, but he will also help lead the newly developed Wellness Team. Carl has served the college for over 36 years and is an indispensable member of the Admissions team.  
Dawn Henderson
This month’s Staff Spotlight features our ASM, Dawn Henderson. When Dawn is not dealing with human resources or budgets for Enrollment Services, she is actively engaged with her nonprofit and her family. Her passion for bettering the lives of kids is one-of-a-kind! As we enter the holiday season, Dawn is a wonderful example of how we can give back to our community.  
Meet Jenny Castaneda! This solo entrepreneur has quite the hectic schedule outside of Enrollment Services and most of her time is spent in the kitchen! She loves eating and sharing her cooking tactics to simplify everyone’s life when it comes to eating healthy. Jenny is part of our Student Systems team.
This mother and daughter duo have been contributing to student success as pillars of Enrollment Services for more than a decade. Raquel Hicks is part of our Admissions team while Erandy Guerrero is part of the team in IDP and soon to be in Financial Aid.  Where are you from originally? Is your family in California?
Our inaugural spotlight is on Jorge Reyes, a key member on the Student Records team and Beach Central staff. Jorge Reyes is deeply connected to his ancestral roots and keeps all the traditions alive in the community. He exudes great pride for his community and his family.  Where are you from originally? Is your family in California?