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These programs offer different avenues to the typical — often private — university education.
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The Film & Electronic Arts Department at California State University, Long Beach is one of the founding members of the Green Film School Alliance. The Green Film School Alliance officially launched on August 16th, 2021.
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On May 3rd, 26 students in FEA 417 Editing III, became Avid Media Composer Certified Users after passing their second qualifying exam.  A two-semester long journey, students learn the principles, craft and art of editing while also diving into complex software training. 
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The Film & Electronic Arts Department joins Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in a collaborative summer virtual filmmaking workshop with students, staff, and faculty from both campuses.
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Provost Jersky, discusses compassionate and innovative teaching in the College of The Arts (COTA).
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Assistant Professor Helen Hood Scheer gives a behind-the-scenes peek at nudity, sexism and sexual intimacy on the set