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May 16, 2024

CSULB Commencement Alert: Pick up your MarchingOrder Grad Pass on the day of your ceremony at GATE 4 check-in at Angel Stadium. Bring your photo ID. NO BAGS ALLOWED for guests and students. For more info, visit

April 18, 2024

CSULB Commencement Alert: The MarchingOrder portal closes soon on Friday, April 19! Log in and check for accuracy as well as record the pronunciation of your name. Remember to RSVP for your ceremony so you can receive your ticket code. Instructions at

March 27, 2024

CSULB Alert: The Commencement RSVP Portal is now open. Claim your ticket codes ASAP. For ticket code redemption and RSVP instructions visit Go Beach!


APRIL 11, 2024

Subject: CSULB COMMENCEMENT: RSVP Ticketing and MarchingOrder deadlines reminder

Beach Grads,

This is a reminder to RSVP for your ceremony and redeem your guest tickets.

Look for the “Commencement” and “MarchingOrder” tiles in your CSULB SSO. Please follow the GUEST TICKET INSTRUCTIONS carefully.


APRIL 16 & 17 SENIOR SEND OFF: Decorate your caps, enjoy food and snacks, mix with fellow grads. RSVP HERE 

APRIL 19: MarchingOrder Closes- no additional name pronunciation recordings after this date

MAY 18: BEACH GRAD DAY: Bring your family and friends on a self-guided tour around iconic campus photo spots. Pick up your campus icon map at the Bookstore and enjoy their discounts, tour the Shark, Marine, and Mammal labs, check out the sculptures and art exhibit and enjoy lawn games at the Carolyn Campagna Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum, and many more fun activities around campus.

Visit the Grad Events page for more details on all the events


Stay Tuned-Next email: Ceremony and arrival instructions

Become a Green Grad
The Green Grad Campaign encourages students to make a commitment to prioritize sustainability during commencement season and beyond by avoiding the use of polluting confetti and glitter while taking graduation photos on campus. See how you can become "green" and take the pledge.

For more commencement details and information, please visit our FAQ page.

Questions? Please email

MAY 16, 2024

Beach Grads - Get Ready to Celebrate!

Here's a heads-up for your upcoming Commencement ceremonies happening just a few days away at Angel Stadium!
Important Reminders:

  • Leave your bags at home! Only medical necessity and diaper bags are allowed.
  • Dress for the occasion! Wear your cap and gown (& sunscreen!) to participate. Bring your student ID (or photo ID with your name) to pick up your Grad Pass.
  • Please eat before you arrive as the ceremonies could last up to 3 hours in the sun.

Commencement Ceremonies (May 19-23): 

  • Location: Angel Stadium, 2000 E. Gene Autry Way, Anaheim, CA 92806

Day of Ceremony: 

  • Grad Pass: This is your ticket! Pick it up 90 minutes before your ceremony starts at GATE 4 check-in.
  • Arrive Early: Aim for 60-90 minutes before your ceremony time. Expect lines for check-in and the processional.
  • Grad Entry through Gate 4 security screening and robe checks.
  • Line-Up: Graduates will line up by department for the processional starting at the ceremony's published start time at GATE 4.
  • Guest Entry: Guests enter at Gates 1-3.
  • Hold Onto Your Pass: You'll need your Grad Pass to cross the stage for your name announcement (displayed on jumbotrons with your degree and major!).
  • Bag Restrictions: Remember, no bags unless medically necessary. Diaper bags for guests with young children are okay. Strollers are not allowed inside the stadium.
  • No Banners, posters, signs will be allowed in.

Need Help?
The Commencement Team is currently unavailable by email or phone due to event preparations. 

  • Commencement FAQs: Check the Commencement website for answers to most questions.
  • In-Person Support: If unresolved questions arise, come to Angel Stadium 1.5 hours before your ceremony for assistance.

Livestreaming: Catch the ceremonies and college recognition programs online – details will be posted on the Commencement website the first day of commencement.

Congratulations and Go Beach!

MAY 13, 2024


From: Beach Events <>
Sent: Monday, May 13, 2024 2:29 PM

Stadium Security Commencement Protocol May 2024 image

MAY 6, 2024

Subject: CSULB COMMENCEMENT: Maximize Your Commencement Experience

Dear Graduates, 

Commencement is just weeks away!
RSVP and secure your guest tickets NOW! Claim your tickets today to ensure your guests have the best possible experience at your graduation! Seats are filling up fast, and due to the opening of the RSVP process in  early March, many ceremonies are already quite full. This means your guests may not be seated together.
Please be aware: Angel Stadium cannot accommodate requests for seat switching due to pre-reserved seating.

Please read our Commencement FAQs which answer most questions, and check out BEFORE THE CEREMONY  and GRAD CHECK-IN pages for details on your ceremony day.
Parking lots will open 90 minutes before the ceremony. Please ensure your guests are seated at least 30 mins BEFORE posted ceremony time so they may see you processing in to your seat. 

WHAT TO EXPECT on ceremony day: 

  • BRING YOUR STUDENT ID or a PHOTO ID with your name on it to claim your Grad Pass.
  • Grads check-in at Gate 4 and guests will enter the stadium through Gates 1-3 to find their seats.
  • GRAD PASSES: Grads will pick up their Grad Passes at check-in. DO NOT LOSE THIS PASS as it is your ticket to main stage for name announcement and your name and academic information display on the jumbotron.
    • Grads will then proceed from check-in to line up inside the stadium in the grad processional line by departments.
    • Beginning promptly at ceremony start time, graduates will process into the stadium into graduate seating and be featured on the jumbotrons.
    • The Platform Party, including university and college officials, will then process out to the main stage and the spoken program will begin. 
    • Graduates will be notified by an announcement and their Faculty Marshals when to stand and make their way in an orderly fashion to the field to line up to cross the stage.
    • Once graduates arrive to the main stage, they will scan their Grad Pass, then staff will indicate when and where to stand on the main stage for their name announcement and display on the jumbotron.
    • FACE THE AUDIENCE for your moment. You will be captured live in a frame that will include your name, degree and major on the jumbotrons.

                      EXAMPLE of the grad display on the jumbotrons: 

  • A stage staff member will then escort you off stage where another photographer to capture your photo
  • Staff will direct you to make your way back to the stands to your seats.
  • CONFERRAL of DEGREES: Once all grads have crossed, the OFFICIAL CONFERRAL OF DEGREES will be bestowed and turning of the tassels as grads officially are graduated!
  • ETIQUETTE: Commencement is a time to celebrate all graduates together. It is expected that all graduates remain seated for the entirety of the commencement ceremony. This allows for a dignified and respectful celebration of all graduating students.  

QR codes will be displayed around the stadium for guests to access the digital programs, or you can download a digital copy from the commencement website the week of commencement. 

Livestreaming of the ceremonies will be posted on the Commencement website the week of ceremonies and will be available on the MLB Ballpark app during the ceremonies.
For information on ASL interpreting, Closed Captioning, and other accommodation information, please visit: ACCESSIBILITY AND ACCOMMODATION INFORMATION 

Congratulations Graduates! #BeachGrad2024

MARCH 18, 2024

Subject: Commencement 2024 Mark Your Calendars! MAY 19-23 

Dear Graduates,

The Commencement Team is pleased to share these instructions on how to claim tickets for your commencement ceremony starting MONDAY, MARCH 18  at 9AM when the RSVP Portal opens in the Commencement tile in your MYCSULB Student Center Portal.
These instructions will NOT work BEFORE the RSVP portal opens and you've secured your reservation and received the ticket code. You will NOT receive a code without going through the process. The portal opens today,  Monday, March 18 at 9AM.

Your code will be available after you RSVP and when you log in to single sign-on and access the Commencement tile. Those without access to single sign-on will receive the code separately through your email.

All guest tickets are digital, and are claimed in the MLB Ballpark app. If a printed ticket is required, you or your guests will need to bring the ticket confirmation to the check-in at the stadium, where guests will be directed to a ticket window to claim their printed ticket/s.
IF you need special accommodations for a guest, you need to still redeem the tickets per the instructions below. THEN on the day of the ceremony, exchange the ticket/s for accessible tickets at the stadium at Home Plate Gate ticket window.

To redeem your twelve guest tickets, use the following step-by-step process.

**Do NOT log out nor leave the ticket process until you have completed the entire process and redeem all 12 tickets at once or else your code will become invalid.
You MUST CLAIM ALL TWELVE (12) TICKETS AT ONE TIME in one transaction. You cannot log out then log back in and reuse the code to claim another set/amount of tickets in separate processes. The code is for ONE TIME ONLY Single use. You CANNOT leave the website nor the tab or else it will void your code.
This unique code is limited to one-time useUnique guest codes cannot be duplicated. Once the 12 guest tickets are claimed, your code is void. You will not be issued another code if you decide later that you need more tickets and didn't claim all 12 the first time.

IMAGES are for illustration purposes and may not reflect the 2024 ceremony dates and times. Images show "10 tickets" but all grads will have "12" tickets to redeem.

  1. BEFORE you redeem your tickets, select a section for your guest tickets (see map here) with main stage location on field– reminder as you select your guest tickets that the stage will be located on 2nd Base facing Home Plate, but all seats will have ample jumbo screen views.
  2. To access your unique single-use GUEST CODE, login to your  Single Sign-On.
  3. Select the newly added Commencement tile to be redirected to the Commencement Information page:
  4. Choose the RSVP and Tickets button:
  5. Fill out the RSVP Survey
  6. You will be provided with your Ceremony (please check it), a single-use Offer Code, and a unique Ceremony Link:
  7. Selecting your Ceremony Link takes you to the Ceremony confirmation page and event button. After confirming your ceremony or ceremonies, click on the Event button:            
  8. You will arrive at the Offer Code site to input the offer code. Please input your offer code, submit, and follow the directions from there to select your seats:         
  9. You MUST CLAIM ALL TWELVE (12) TICKETS AT ONE TIME in one transaction. You cannot log out then log back in and reuse the code to claim another set/amount of tickets in separate processes. The code is for ONE TIME ONLY Single use. You will not receive another code if you need more tickets.
  10. Select a section for your guest tickets (see map here) with main stage location on field, then select twelve (12) seats for your guests – reminder: as you select your guest tickets the stage will be located on 2nd Base facing Home Plate, but all seats will have ample jumbo screen views.
  11. At the top, you will see an option to choose number of tickets. Use the UP or DOWN arrows to choose all 12 tickets. It may give you the option to add MORE than 12, however, that will default to TWO (2) when you check out and you will lose your ticket code!
  12. After you select your twelve (12) seats, confirm by selecting ‘continue.’ YOU MUST CLAIM ALL 12 AT ONE TIME.
  13. You will then be directed to your shopping cart to complete your checkout.
  14. After checkout you will be emailed confirmation and a link to download the MLB Ballpark App or download the MLB Ballpark App at If you have not yet created an MLB account, you will do so at this time WITH YOUR CSULB EMAIL ADDRESS if you have one; this is how you will receive your barcoded guest tickets. USE YOUR CSULB EMAIL TO SIGN UP.
  15. Once you install the MLB Ballpark App, you will have access to your 12 guest tickets and be able to forward them electronically to your guests via the ‘Tickets’ tab. They will need to download, install, and set up an account on the MLB Ballpark app as well.
  16. Each guest ticket allows one entry to the stadium for one guest only. Once a ticket is scanned, that ticket is void. Stadium re-entry is not permitted. Children 3+ need a ticket.
  17. Once you have redeemed your code, please follow this tutorial for accessing and forwarding tickets to your guests and how to use the MLB Ballpark App & ticket barcode to enter the stadium.

Guests will use the only valid method of entry, the mobile-only ticketing system to enter the stadium and have their digital tickets available on their phone. (Or a screenshot of the ticket/s.)
Print-at-home (PDF) tickets will no longer be provided or accepted. *
*If a printed ticket is required, you or your guests will need to bring the ticket confirmation to the check-in at the stadium, where guests will be directed to a ticket window to claim their printed ticket/s.
**For app assistance visit

Children under 3 years old do not need a ticket if they are seated on an adult's lap. If they sit in a stadium seat, they need a ticket. No strollers are allowed inside the stadium.

Parking is free and passes will not be required to enter Angel Stadium’s parking lot for commencement.
Parking lots open 90 minutes before the ceremony start time.

Submit a Bob Murphy Access Center Event Request Form for all graduates and/or guest accommodations. Accommodations may be made up to the day of the event depending on the stadium availability of support. Please bring a companion if you need help maneuvering onto the stage &/or into the Tunnel and the processional.

REMEMBER to login to MarchingOrder and record the pronunciation of your name and check your personal information for accuracy.
For questions, email


Your Grad Pass is your personal ticket to enter the stadium when you arrive on your ceremony day and for your NAME ANNOUNCEMENT and GRAD INFO DISPLAY when you cross the main stage. You will pick it up at the grad check-in at Gate 4 90 minutes before your ceremony.

You and your fellow graduates will gather by your major department (printed on your Grad Pass) and departments will process in together. Look for your department on the signage. Head to Gate 4 and join your classmates in processing into the stadium! Refer to the stadium map here. Once in line, you will show your MarchingOrder Grad Pass that you picked up at check-in (this is the same Grad Pass that activates your name announcement at the main stage). 

KEEP YOUR GRAD PASS SAFE! You need to show your Grad Pass at the lineup and for stadium entry. A Grad Pass is required to participate in the procession and enter Angel Stadium and MOST IMPORTANTLY, it is your ticket for your NAME ANNOUNCEMENT and GRAD INFO DISPLAY when you cross the main stage. You and your classmates will have the best seats in the park, seated in a reserved graduate section, facing the main stage. In the commencement tradition, graduates will be seated together, while family and guests will be seated in a separate section.
To expedite stadium entry, pick up your Grad Pass at check-in at Gate 4.

Have your guest ticket confirmation from the MLB app readily available on your or your guests' phones. Guests will need to download the MLB app to access the tickets as well.
For graduates without a Grad Pass, a help desk will be available at the check-in at Gate 4.

Note: due to the heavy volume of emails we receive, it will take longer for a response. Please visit the commencement website FAQs to find answers to frequent questions.

Key Dates : 

  • MARCH 1: LAST DAY to complete the Application to Graduate without a late fee.
  • MARCH 18 (tentatively): RSVP/Ticket process portals open 
  • APRIL 16 & 17: Senior Send-Off days at Anna W. Ngai Alumni Center - details & RSVP link posted on the Commencement Grad Events page. RSVP required!
  • APRIL 19, 11:59 pm:
    • MarchingOrder CLOSES-deadline for graduates to submit their name pronunciation and check their personal information through the MarchingOrder system. Please complete everything BEFORE April 19th as the system could crash if there is heavy, last-minute traffic. We are unable to extend the deadline nor help if the deadline passes, regardless of a system crash, internet outage, or power failure.  Your name will still be professionally recorded if you are in the system but didn't record your pronunciation. 
  • MAY 18th: Beach Grad Day on campus - details on Commencement Grad Events page.
  • May 19-23: Commencement ceremonies take place, and a livestream will be available on the commencement website. 
    • Grad Pass pick up at Gate 4 check-in at the stadium 90 minutes before your ceremony. Grad Passes are used at the main stage to scan and trigger your name announcement as you cross the stage, and for the photographers to collect to identify you for your grad photos.

Alumni Beach Nexus: Your CSULB alumni global community offers connections for life. We are a spirited alumni family soon to be over 404,000+ strong! Get involved and stay connected. Get started at or via SSO. Beach Alumni for Life!

The commencement website is your best resource, please review the FAQ page. For questions not found in the FAQs or website, please email

We look forward to celebrating you at Angel Stadium!

Congratulations and GO BEACH!

The Commencement Team




FEBRUARY 12, 2024

Subject: Commencement 2024 Mark Your Calendars! MAY 19-23 

Greetings Beach Family, 

We are thrilled to update you on this year's Commencement at Angel Stadium, recognizing the Class of 2024.  
College Ceremony Dates & Program Start Times: 

Sunday 5/19: 
·       9:00AM: College of Engineering  
·       3:30PM: College of Education 
Monday 5/20: 
·       9:00AM: College of Business I 

·       1:30PM: College of Business II 
·       6:00PM: College of the Arts 

Tuesday 5/21: 

·       9:00AM: College of Liberal Arts I  
·       3:30PM: College of Liberal Arts II 
Wednesday 5/22: 
·       9:00AM: College of Health & Human Services I  
·       3:30PM: College of Health & Human Services II 
Thursday 5/23: 
·       9:00AM: College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics  

If you have completed your Apply to Graduate process by MARCH 1st, you will see your name in your college’s Graduate Recognition Program and featured on the jumbotron when you cross the stage and have your name announced. 

This is the first of our email series to come, but the commencement website is your best resource and will be updated regularly as details become available. Continue to check the Communications tab in case you MAY have missed any emails or postings on social media. Questions? Please check out our FAQ page

Let us know at if you or a fellow graduate are not receiving commencement communications.  


  • MarchingOrder portal is OPEN to record the pronunciation of your name as a reference for the professional reader and check your preferred name and degree/major. Instructions will be emailed soon.
  • DOWNLOAD THE MLB BALLPARK APP and set up your account with your CSULB email account (if you have one) BEFORE you RSVP.


  • RSVP portal will open soon for your college ceremony. 
  • Students will be able to claim twelve ceremony guest tickets (12) per student– Code will be generated when you RSVP to your ceremony. 

MARCH 1st:

  • LAST DAY to complete the Application to Graduate without a late fee AND
  • For your name to be added to the Graduate Recognition Program for your college.

MARCH 13 – 14: Grad Fair for all your Commencement needs! 
MARCH 25: 

  • RSVP OPENS for Senior Send-Off days (April 16 & 17, 2024).  

APRIL 19th:  

  • MarchingOrder – LAST DAY to record your name pronunciation. *NOTE: Your name will still be recorded by the professional reader regardless if you record your name.

APRIL 16 & 17: Senior Send-Off days at Anna W. Ngai Alumni Center - details on Commencement Grad Events page (to be posted)
MAY 18: Beach Grad Day on campus - details TBD on Commencement Grad Events page (to be posted)
MAY 19 – 23: Commencement at Angel Stadium: ALL PARTICIPATING GRADS pick up your MarchingOrder Grad Passes 90 minutes before your ceremony at Tunnel A grad check-in.


MarchingOrder is an online platform that provides you with your Grad Pass (your ceremony ticket) and allows you to record the pronunciation of your name as a guide for the professional name recorder. You will receive access via an email sent to your CSULB campus email addresses (or personal email address if you do not have a CSULB account).  

Your MarchingOrder Grad Pass will be used as your ticket for entry into the stadium AND most importantly, will be used to trigger your name announcement and grad info display on the jumbotrons as you cross the main stage. GradImages & Pro Pics photographers will be available at the stadium and main stage to capture this momentous occasion.
MLB Ballpark App – Once the RSVP and ticketing portal opens, you will claim guest tickets to your ceremony using the MLB Ballpark app. CREATE an MLB Ballpark account now with your CSULB email address, so when the RSVP & ticketing portal opens you will be ready to claim your guest tickets through the app.  

For more details and information, please visit the Commencement website
Please explore the MLB Ballpark app and check out the stadium seating so you are ready when you redeem your ticket code. Guest Tickets Instructions will be posted once the ceremony RSVP portal opens.

Congratulations Beach Graduates! 

The Commencement Team




FEBRUARY 12, 2024

Subject: CSULB COMMENCEMENT: MarchingOrder Access Instructions


The Commencement Team is excited to share that you have access to the MarchingOrder portal! If you have problems logging into  MarchingOrder, please reach out to If you have NOT APPLIED TO GRADUATE yet, you will not have access until you have done this step. After you've applied to graduate and paid the fee, please email us with your Student ID, FULL NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, COLLEGE, and MAJOR so we can add you to the system. 
You can check through your SSO account if you have already applied to graduate. We do not have access to that information.

In MarchingOrder, you can provide your correct name pronunciation, which will be recorded by a professional reader, and check for personal information accuracy and your preferred name. 

MarchingOrder: Record your name pronunciation

Login through CSULB SSO (current students)

1) CLICK THIS LINK to SSO and find the MarchingOrder chiclet. If the link does NOT work, please go to your SSO and find the MarchingOrder chiclet.

2) Log in and complete the registration process. 

3) APRIL 19th at 11:59 PM is the deadline to access MarchingOrder and make changes. Don't wait until the last minute to record and verify information as the system may overload and crash.  Your name will still be recorded if you do not submit a recording. 

Alumni Beach Nexus: Your CSULB alumni global community offers connections for life. We are a spirited alumni family of over 389,000+ strong! Get involved and stay connected. Get started at or via SSO. Beach Alumni for Life!

The commencement website is your best resource, please review the FAQ page. For questions not found in the FAQs or website, please email