Accessibility and Accommodations

Angel Stadium Map (.pdf) | Request for disability-related accommodations (By May 1, 2024)

Angel Stadium security policy: No bags unless medically necessary shall be allowed. (You will be asked to return bags to your vehicle, please plan accordingly)


  • BMAC Check In Tables will be located outside Home Plate Gate
    • BMAC students who have ADA seating needs and wish to be seated with their peer(s) during the ceremony should plan to check in at the BMAC table first with their peer(s)
    • If requiring ADA seating, general student admission tickets will need to be exchanged for student ADA seating tickets at the stadium in person. We suggest arriving early to exchange tickets ahead of the ceremony.
    • Students are encouraged to check in early to ensure they have time to receive their tickets.
  • Angel Stadium's processional areas are steep and BMAC students who require mobility, wheelchair, or visual assistance will need to bring a personal companion (peer, friend, or family member) to accompany them or assist with pushing the wheelchair during the processional as staffing is limited. You may receive access to the area prior to other students, if needed. Please contact BMAC on their form to request early access/accommodations.
    • Students with mobility needs may need to utilize the ADA pathway (left hand side of the track) and elevator pathway during the procession proceedings.


  • If you have an ADA (seating) need, please inform staff at the check in area of your respective need(s).
    • For ADA seating needs, general admission tickets will need to be exchanged for ADA tickets.
    • Late guest requests (for accommodated seating) will be honoured with the provision that space is available and you will be contacted prior to the date of your ceremony
  • It is recommended that guests arrive at least 60 minutes before the ceremony start time if requiring stadium staff mobility assistance
  • Parking opens 90 minutes in advance of each ceremony


  • ASL interpreting and real-time captioning will be featured at all ceremonies on the jumbotron screen.
    • Students and guests will have the following additional MLB Ballpark App closed captioning option if requiring access to closed captioning during Commencement, and not wishing to sit in the Diamond Club patio area:
      • Closed captioning [CC] information: 
        • MLP Ballpark app: To access [CC] in the app, please follow instructions in the linked instructions here.
        • YouTube Livestream captioning: For [CC] on our YouTube livestreams of the ceremonies, please use their auto captions. Instructions link here. There is a setting on the local player for end users to turn captions on/off if needed.
        • Captioning Board: A board will be displayed featuring [CC] (see below image): 

          Angel Stadium Closed Captioning Board display
      • Attendees are advised to bring a battery pack and/or an iPad/tablet for continual or enlarged access to the MLB Ballpark App.
      • There will be ASL seating closer to the interpreters; please mention this at the check in table if you require direct ASL access.
  • The University will provide one (1) additional companion ticket for anyone who needs interpreting or captioning assistance.
  • Please ensure that you check in first for the companion ticket, as well as have a companion who can support your needs.


  • If you require to be taken to your seat in a wheelchair, please ask any Angels' event staff at any entrance gate to be directed to the Guest Relations Team.
  • Personal wheelchairs will need to be checked into Guest Relations and retrieved after the ceremony or be used as a seat during the ceremony. Stadium wheelchairs will be returned to Guest Relations upon transportation of guests to their seats.
  • The University will provide one (1) additional companion ticket for anyone who needs or is utilizing a wheelchair/requires visual assistance.
  • Please ensure that you check in first for the companion ticket, as well as have a companion who can support your needs.


  • Parking is free for everyone.
  • Accessible Parking Stalls will be located: 
    • Along the front rows in front of all gates. You will be directed where to park by Angels' parking staff.
    • Main Entrance.
  • If you require Accessible drop off:
    • Inform the parking attendants that you need to drop off a student or guest and they will assist with navigating to the closest location possible.
    • Please inform staff upon check in if you require any additional mobility support. We advise bringing a companion to assist you; an additional ticket can be provided for this need.


  • Please note, in keeping with U.S. ADA regulations, people with disabilities may use a dog that is trained to do work or perform tasks for the guest. The work or tasks performed by the service animal must be directly related to the guest's disability. 
    • As such, animals that solely provide emotional support or companionship to a guest will not be permitted inside the ballpark.
  • Angel Stadium only will allow Service Animals (dogs) and if you report that your animal is a Service Animal, they will ask the following questions for verification: 
    • Is this animal needed because of a disability? 
    • What duty or task does this animal perform (that is outside of the realm of emotional support)?  
  • Admitted Service Animals must be under the control of the handler at all times, exhibit appropriate behavior, and be housebroken.
  • BMAC advises that you relieve your Service Animal prior to the ceremony, or if your animal needs to be relieved in the middle of the ceremony, your animal may utilize the parking lots or stadium planters as relief areas. Please bring bags to clean up after your animal.

Please feel free to contact if you have any questions.


  • Angel Stadium prohibits all bags, backpacks, and other carriers from being brought to the stadium with the following exceptions:
    • Medically necessary items, including diaper bags.
    • Only factory sealed plastic bottles with water, flavoured water, sports drinks up to 1 litre in size or an empty water bottle are permitted.