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BeachBoard News and Announcements Guidelines

Posting news and announcements to your class or organization is easy to do in BeachBoard and a good way to inform your audience. Our BeachBoad Support page on developing posts can guide you through the process, but also be sure to check out our BeachBoard Usage Policies

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when posting news and announcements:


Everything you post on BeachBoard needs to meet CSU accessibility compliance standards. CSULB's Accessible Technology site is a one-stop shop to find information on making content accessible to people with disabilities.

Our resources on accessibility standards and responsibilities is a helpful guide for posting on the web. In BeachBoard, the items listed under 'Manual Testing' are the most pertinent. 

Alt-Text - Every image you use, unless purely decorative, requires alt-text. It's how an editor can describe the contents of an image to someone who can't see the image and are utilizing assistive technologies such as screen reading software. You will be prompted to add alt-text upon adding an image to your post. Typical alt-text descriptions are short, succinct descriptions of what's in the image. Any text on the image itself needs to be conveyed via alt-text. Do not post large images filled (posters, inforgraphics) with text unless an accessible version of that text is available to the user. 

Links - Use descriptive words when linking content, not the actual URL or generic terms like 'Click Here' or 'Read More'.

Headings - Headings need to be used to label main ideas and, if applicable, sub-ideas in your posts. Headers should come in order, and nest within each other as detailed on the  accessibility standards and responsibilities page. 

Color Contrast - The contrast between the background color and text color needs to meet compliance standards whether its on an image or in the content. Tools are available to help you test and analyze color contrast.


All items placed in BeachBoard's News and Announcement section must comply with the United State copyright law and CSULB copyright policies. When providing digital materials via BeachBoard, posters must either secure permission for use or ensure that they are meeting the fair use standards of US Copyright law. This pertains to all pieces of content, be it video, images, audio, etc..


The new BeachBoard is fully-responsive to mobile screens. Consider that when including images with text in your posts as the images will retain their aspect ratio while shrinking/collapsing to the width of a mobile browser. This can make some images hard to read or interpret. Modern web browsers are able to emulate different mobile phone and tablet widths (often found in their 'inspect' modes). 

Best Practices


For more information on posting news and announcements, please don't hesitate to contact our team