Janet Muñiz

What fears or anxieties did you have about going to college?

I felt very rushed when I attended college, like I had to have it all figured out (you don't) because I was a transfer student and wanted to show I could still graduate "on time." I also changed my major when I found classes that were very exciting to me, but was also scared about what job I could get with that degree. I learned to hustle from my immigrant family so I trusted that eventually I would be able to get a job even if I wasn't using my specific degree, but at the same time wanted to prove to my family that the degree was "worth it." What I eventually learned was that I was the one who had to be fulfilled in what I did everyday and I was glad I pursued teaching and research where I get to be a forever student learning and sharing with my students what I find most interesting. 


  • Ph.D. Sociology UC Irvine; M.A. Sociology UC Irvine; M.A. Cultural Studies Claremont Graduate University; B.A. Feminist Studies UC Santa Barbara

Take advantage of the resources available to you on campus, attend events, make conversation with the people sitting next to you in class, form study groups, don't be afraid to reach out for help and get involved as much as you can in what interests you in your studies and outside of the classroom.  I made some of my best friends in college from getting involved in on campus organizations and over ten years later we are still great friends. I'd also encourage you to share what you are learning with your family. 

Yoga, gardening, concerts, swimming, traveling

I teach and conduct research around Latinx communities, ethnic identity, and entrepreneurship—my current research project looks at the gentrification of my hometown in downtown Santa Ana.