Dr. Jyotsna Pattnaik

What fears or anxieties did you have about going to college?

Although I was not a first generation learner, I taught first generaiton school and college students in India and college students in 3 different public universities in the USA which enroll a large peecentage of first generation leaners. Working with first generaiton learners in Bachelors and Masters programs, I have gained a solid understanding of the commonalities of challenges faced by frist generation college studnets around the world.

  • Doctorate in Education, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

The dream for success is harbored and fostered within; however, support from outside helps ensure a smooth path in the journey of success. Therefore, have a dream for future and nurture it carefully especially at its earliest stage because it will help you plan and work toward it diligently. Communicate with people around you such as your family members, peers, mentors, professors, and counselors about your success and needs. There is a big difference between what one can do individually and what one can do with the support of others. Never hesitate to reach out for help. Evaluate your strengths and needs early in the semester so that you can address your needs before it is too late to reverse the impact. If possible, be part of a “community of learners” because the motivation to succeed will be enhanced with peers who have the same vision for success like yours. Do not run away from failures but face them with courage because every success builds on many failures. Balance college life with academic, social, and creative activities to keep the passion for learning and happiness intertwine to draw the best out of you. With your success in college, you will motivate many others who are looking up to you.

Music, cooking, gardening, watching movies, music, and reading.

  1. My courage and forbearance so that I can meditate and think through my next steps
  2. Water and some snacks to survive
  3. A note pad and a pen/pencil to write down my memoire of this unique experience, compose some poems to cheer me up, and draw the beautiful nature around me

I cook and serve hot food to homeless people at the Mental Health Association, Santa Ana and the Skid Row area in Los Angeles I sing with a choir at a nursing home in Santa Ana I volunteer at free medical camps organized by a philanthropic organization in Southern California I sing in cultural programs in an ethnic community in Orange County I meet with my past students at Star Bucks, Chai for Tea, Panera Bread, or other restaurants and now on Zoom. I love hiking, beaches, and travel.

Research: My research includes young children, college students, parents, and teachers. My research focuses on STEM/STEAM, early literacy and numeracy, father involvement in young children's lives, children and nature, tele-collaboration projects with colleagues in other countries to connect our students, COVID 19 (New). Courses: Child Development and Learning Historical and Contemporary Perspectives in Early Childhood Education International Perspectives in Early Childhood Education Research Seminar in Early Childhood Education Advanced Study of Infant/toddler Programs