Dr. Belinda Daughrity

What fears or anxieties did you have about going to college?

I was anxious about leaving home for a new city and state miles away without nearby family. 


  • B.A./Spelman College, M.A./NYU, M.A. Ph.D./UCLA

Read your emails! There is a lot of information sent out about amazing opportunities like scholarships, paid research experience, and social events. Get involved in school beyond just attending classes. 

I like traveling and reading. 

  1. A good book 
  2. my cell phone (I guess that means I wouldn't be stranded technically but I need to FaceTime my family - lol)
  3. a great playlist :)

Use every work experience as a chance to learn and grow! There are always skills you can use later as a professional. 

Courses related to Autism.