Dr. Antonio Martinez

What fears or anxieties did you have about going to college?

When I first started my undergraduate studies, I was worried about not having a community of friends. Eventually, through clubs and intramural sports, I was able to make friends and build a strong support system. 


Academically, my advice would be to participate in study groups. There is such a benefit to studying with others! Socially, my advice would be to sign up for clubs or activities so that you can meet new people. Being a student is about trying to find a healthy balance between academic and social growth. 

I love to go on bike rides, I just completed my first 100-mile bike race in early September. I also like to play chess, read, and try new restaurants!

  1. A fishing net
  2. A chest full of books
  3. A soccer ball

My research is on the use of computer programming as a mediating tool to learn mathematics.