Ava Hedayatipour

What fears or anxieties did you have about going to college?

I was unaware of many tasks and steps known to my peers. I was always late and overwhelmed with all I needed to do!


Take it one small step at a time! 

Taking long walks, taking care of my house plants, binging series! 

  1. My phone
  2. Lighter
  3. Water filter

California State University Long Beach Long Beach, CA, US
Assistant Professor August 2020 - Present
○ Faculty mentor in CSULB LEAP program, leading a team of 4 to fabricate a medical imaging brace with Applied medical as an industry partner
○  Engineering technology undergraduate academic advisor and LSAMP, and BUILD mentor
○ Main PI on $300K NSF award titled: Towards Efficient, Reliable, And Secure Chaotic Communications In Wearable Devices

Micro-Bioelectronics Research Laboratory, University of Tennessee Knoxville, TN, US
RESEARCH ASSISTANT August 2016 - August 2020
○ Designing and fabricating various analog and mixed-signal circuits in different layout technologies (0.5um,
180nm, 130nm, 65nm), and with different companies (Global Foundries, TSMC, XFAB).
○  Implementing low power analog security for sensors leading to get funding from NSF.
○  Designing a cell characterization sensor including temperature, pH, and impedance sensor leading to 2 conference presentations and 2 publications.
○ Designing low-power digital gas sensors in collaboration with N5 Sensors Company, Synthesizing MIPS processor with Synopsys Design Compiler and Encounter, and initial development with Xilinx FPGA.
○ Leading a team if 4 in developing a flexible paper electrode system for a sensor measuring glucose.
○  Leading a team of 3 in the design of a Parkinson constant monitoring system using STmicrocontrollers.

Synaptics, Inc Austin, TX, US
ANALOG DESIGN INTERN July 2019 - September 2019
○  Designing a voltage reference block using two-stage amplifier in 65nm TSMC

Analog integrated circuit designs, bio-implantable and biomedical devices, low- power and low-noise designs, microelectronics, mixed-signal VLSI designs, and hardware security