Appointment Procedures & Guidelines

Schedule an Appointment

  • Currently undeclared undergraduate students seeking academic advising should reach out to their academic advisor to make an appointment. Check your email for a message with detailed instructions from your academic advisor.
  • Students interested in changing their major or students on academic warning (formerly academic probation), are encouraged to meet with a UCUA academic advisor in a drop-in advising session. Drop-in information can be found by visiting the main UCUA webpage.
  • Academically disqualified students seeking reinstatement to the University should review the Reinstatement Workshop presentation and then come to a drop-in advising session to meet with a UCUA academic advisor. Drop-in information can be found by visiting the main UCUA webpage.

Note: Graduate students should contact their graduate advisor

Appointment Information

  • Bring your CSULB ID card
  • Since advising session are typically scheduled for 15-30 minutes intervals, you are encouraged to arrive 10 minutes early, your appointment may be canceled if you are 10 or more minutes late.


  • If you cannot keep an appointment, you should cancel the appointment at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Please be courteous to other students by planning ahead (cancel or reschedule in a timely fashion). This will help open up time slots for other students.