The Womxn's Collective


The mission of The Womxn’s Collective is to build an empowering community among womxn students of color at California State University, Long Beach that enriches their educational and social experience and respects self by advancing their needs through programming, resources, and engaging in a supportive environment.

The Womxn's Collective Council

The Womxn’s Collective Council is to collectively hear the voices of representatives from historically underrepresented student populations at CSULB by offering a leadership opportunity for students to provide guidance on cultural, education, recreational, professional and social programs; to plan and execute cultural, education, recreational, professional and social programs and services offer that aim at building a collective community and contributing to student success.  

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TWC’s Womxn to Womxn are events that take place once a month for students who identify as womxn of color to connect, embrace critical dialogue, and find ways to learn from each other's varying identities to build community.

The Womxn's Collective holding their vision boards during the September Heart to Heart

TWC’s Rising Speaker Series invites professionals to present on critical issues in the womxn of color community. This is an opportunity to educate TWC members as well as the CSULB community.  

During our inaugural year, CSULB’s very own Dr. Lindsay Perez Huber spoke on Microaggressions and Internalized Racism and Professor Loretta Ross spoke on Reproductive Justice! 

Fall 2021 we had Columbian writer, educator, and performer Julian Delgado Lopera join us for an amazing event. Learn more about them on our Speaker Spotlight and watch the event on Youtube!

Spring 2022 we hosted the Rising Speaker Series Panel and had a conversation with CSULB professional faculty/staff Womxn of Color. Watch the event on Youtube to hear their transformative experiences. 

In Fall 2022 Dr. Muñiz shared her journey to becoming a professor and researcher. To view the inspiring and enlightening conversation click here.

Spring 2023 the TWC partnered with Not Alone at the Beach @natb_csulb to raise awareness and prevention for domestic violence, intimate partner violence, and sexual assault and identify "red flags" in relationships as it pertains to womxn of color. 

Spring 2024 Dr. Collins provided a transformative session dedicated to unpacking the fetishization that bodies of color face, while fostering empowerment and nurturing community. The title being The Fetishization of BIPOC Bodies.  

Tan flyer with text that reads Rising Speaker Series a photo of Dr. Muniz the title of the workshop Navigating Higher Education as a Latinx woman now on YouTube


TWC’s As You Are Retreat is a journey of individual and collective growth for womxn of color. It aims to inspire and empower womxn to be their authentic selves and know they matter by the time they leave. 

I See You Retreat Event Attendees with the Sound Bath Medita