Gender Equity

The Women's & Gender Equity Center is dedicated to providing an inclusive space on campus and supports gender diversity by serving and advocating for all students.

On-Campus Resources

The LGBTQ Student Cultural Resource Center was established to serve the greater campus community by striving to create a safer and supportive environment for all LGBTQ students, faculty and staff, as well as, the community members who identify as allies. The center hopes to advocate for and educate on topics related to homophobia, heterosexism, inclusive language, and other sexual and gender identity issues. The center's space can be used for group meetings, support programs, teach-ins, and other sexual and gender identity-related programs.
Location: FO4-165

Also known as CSULB QSA is an organization providing a safe place for all individuals regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity, aimed at promoting tolerance and encouraging acceptance through raising awareness of diverse LGBTQIAP+ experiences.

Instagram: @CSULB.QSA

A resource for students that are transgender, non-binary, gender-nonconforming, genderqueer, questioning or anyone else along those spectrums. They have bi-weekly discussions over topics that relate to the gendered experience. Sign up here!

Instagram: @CSULBTEA

The mission of the Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer + Campus Climate (CLGBTIQ+CC) is to collaborate with all segments of the University to recruit, retain, and promote the success of LGBTQIA+ students, staff, faculty, and administrators. 

The Transgender Advocacy Coalition (TAC) is a group of faculty, staff, and students dedicated to trans education, resources, and advocacy on campus and in the broader community.


CSULB Student Health Services is committed to providing gender affirming health services for transgender and gender diverse students

The President’s Commission on the Status of Women serves the campus community through initiating, advocating and implementing action that addresses the concerns of CSULB women students, faculty, staff and administrators.

The mission of the Commission is to ensure that the University responds to the needs of women by removing inequities and providing a supportive educational, working and social environment for all members of the campus community. The Commission represents all University women in order to ensure that their status continues to be strengthened and enhanced.

The Men's Success Initiative seeks to support young men of color in their academic endeavors at Long Beach State University. MSI’s goal is to improve access, retention and graduation rates by providing academic support, professional development and mentoring.
Phone: 562.985.5587 
Location: Student Success Center - 260

The Presidential Cabinet is comprised of students in charge of advising the president on relevant issues and providing programming and policy-making support for students, and is supervised by the ASI Chief Diversity Officer.