The First in my Family to Attend The College


When I was in high school applying to colleges, it felt overwhelming. Being the first person in my family to consider attending college placed a lot of pressure on me. My parents provided love and support, but there was a lot to learn about the application process and admission requirements. My mom never had the opportunity to attend a university because by the time she was my age, she was pregnant with her second child. One of the reasons I decided to attend CSULB was because it was close to where my family lives.

Being a first-generation college student has affected me now more than ever. While my friends get advice about school from their parents, I seek advice from my counselors, peers and the faculty available on campus. I wish my family could understand what the college experience is like, but it’s also nice being able to experience it myself without much interference.

I never felt being a first-generation student here on campus was difficult. The scary feeling of the unknown disappeared after the first week, and I found myself blending in like every other college student. There was no alienating feeling of being "different." I made friends and I passed all my classes in my first semester. Maybe for the first time in my life, I felt like myself and not a collection of my family’s expectations.