Strategies for First-Time, First-Year Students


Being a first-year college student is a major transition into adulthood. This new experience could lead to some possibility of failure. It makes it imperative to learn how to recover from those mistakes rather than let them negatively influence your academic performance. These situations make self-care especially important.

If you come across some level of failure, it is necessary to seek help. I am pursuing a bachelor's degree in business economics and the classes are challenging. This made it difficult to manage work, extracurricular activities and family life. Fortunately, CSULB provides many services such as counseling, mentorship programs and tutoring. Initially, I was scared to go to tutoring services, but my professor was exceedingly helpful. Later, that professor provided one of my letters of recommendation for an internship at an off-campus position at Beauty and Brains LLC business consulting firm.

During the internship, I was able to learn useful skills such as operating software systems, business consulting and practices as well as brand management. At first, I was nervous about accepting this position because I thought my professional skills would be scrutinized because of my lack of experience. However, the opportunity expanded my skills, which made me a more competitive applicant for future internships and prospective job positions.