Plans After Graduating From CSULB


Brynna Laning is a student in the B.F.A program in graphic design and is in her second semester.  As she adjusts to the new atmosphere, she continuously finds potential concentrations that intrigue her. When Brynna initially began, she was interested in merchandise design.

“I love to do merch design,” said Brynna. “That is the most creatively satisfying job.”

However, as Brynna started to become more familiar with the program, she discovered UX/UI design. UX stands for ‘user experience’ and relates to how the user interacts with a product. Meanwhile UI, or ‘user interface,’ focuses on the actual design of the product’s interface.

“I learned about UX/UI design because I was in the design space,” said Brynna. “Now, I am currently enrolled in the course. I heard about it last semester and I am excited to have the opportunity to learn more.”

As Brynna discovers her area of concentration, she expands her knowledge on different types of graphic design. She hopes that the obtained knowledge will land her an internship for Riot Games.

“I like their games and the content they create. It’s diverse. I feel like I can flourish there, whether it’s merchandise, UX/UI, or social media design.”

She is hoping that the internship will lead to a full-time position. Once she gains enough experience, she wants to continue to work as a freelancer.

“The ultimate goal is to be comfortable enough in the industry to work for myself so that I can have freedom over my work.”

Brynna has a few words of wisdom for those who are interested or are already a part of the B.F.A program:

“Be your own advocate, take criticism and implement those criticisms in your designs, otherwise you’re not going to make any progress.”

Brynna currently works as a graphic designer for the Office of University Outreach & School Relations as well as for DIG, an on-campus student-run magazine. She plans to graduate in Spring 2025.